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Svg Spatial Sort

Reasonably efficient, greedy, path planning for plotting svg files.


Install locally using:

./ [install | develop] --user


Use from the terminal like this:

svgsort input.svg out.svg

This will break down paths into continous sub paths before sorting. it will also allow travelling along paths (once) in both directions.

The default behaviour is to fit the result into an A3 sheet of paper. It will automatically rotate the paper orientation for the best possible fit, as well as align the drawing to the center. You can override the paper size by using --dim=A4 or, eg., --dim=30x40. To disable centering entirely use --no-adjust.

To ensure every path is drawn twice (once in each direction), you can use --repeat

You can disable splitting with --no-split. To see other options:

svgsort --help


The code in svgsort/svgpaththools is from With only minor changes by me. I had a number of strange issues when installing it via pip, so I decided to include it here. See the LICENSE file.


Strip out larger parts of svgpathtools, and refactor?


This code is a tool for my own use. I release it publicly in case people find it useful. It is not however intended as a collaboration/Open Source project. As such I am unlikely to accept PRs, reply to issues, or take requests.