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Shepherding Random Numbers

My website:

I post a lot of work on twitter:

Generative twitter bot:

The first demo shown during the talk is here:

The rest of my code is on Github:

Warning: The repositories on Github are all more or less works in progress. They represent my ideas and experimentation. That means there may be breaking changes with no warning. It also means that I am unlikely to accept pull requests. Since (almost) all the Github repositories are MIT licensed you are quite free to experiment with it as you wish.

Things I Mentioned (or forgot to mention) During the Talk

Terminology and Things

  • algorithmic
  • computational
  • generative
  • parametric design
  • procedural generation (PCG)
  • algorithmic design
  • generative systems
  • emergent systems
  • diffusion-limited aggregation
  • boids flocking (separation/avoidance, cohesion, alignment)
  • Lindenmayer-systems (L-systems, Sierpinski triangle)
  • game of life (agent based system)
  • reaction-diffusion (pattern generation, eg. tropical fish)
  • craquelure



Consider the "10 000 bowls of oatmeal problem" introduced here:

With this in mind: design a system that will continually produce surprising results


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