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A moon settlement is sending a faint distress signal to Earth. An astronaut is deployed from one of Earth's satellite bases to investigate the nature of the SOS. After penetrating the colony dome he finds the settlement abandoned, but as the team works their way into the colony's spooky infrastructure they encounter formidable evil.


This is a top down, turn based puzzler. The player controls a number of astronauts that must be piloted and sacrificed in the name of finding key cartridges. Why? Because these astronauts love cartridges. So. Much.

To move your toons use up, down, left and right.

Here are some quick reviews that may confuse or enlighten:

"Moonen eat astros." - Scooter

"Key carts are win." - Scooter

"There can be only one." - Highlander

Why it satisfies github's theme requirements

The game uses two main themes:

  • Cloning
  • Merging
  • Jolt Cola

And for those of you who are counting...

...there is an editor!

Warnings, requirements, existential dilemmas

I developed the game in chrome, so it works best in chrome. The game is playable in firefox too, but the editor doesn't work in firefox because of a difference in mouse events, I'm guessing.


I used a display list lib I wrote called bang, which uses a module system I wrote called mod. I had to make some edits to bang during the development of the game (fixing typos). All of the code (mod, bang and the game) was written by myself.

Ah! Some notes about the editor. I built and used the editor to build levels. You can save your levels in the help panel (which you can get to by using the / key), and then play them the next time you visit the game. You'll see.



Schell Scivally


James Barry


Alex Whitehurst & Schell Scivally

Level Design

Bryce Williams & Schell Scivally

Style, theme, and other inspirations

Moon (moon)

Zelda (layout)

Nitrome's Tournament (layout, turns, feel) click to play

Metroid (music, level design)

Battletoads (humor, hey, it's space)

This fictional 8bit Metal Gear Solid (color, buildings)

Flashback (colors, tileset)

Le Scaphandrier (8bit fog of war)