Code That Accompanies A Tutorial On Detecting When Someone Blows Into An iPhone Mic
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This is the source code for the Alocola iPhone application.

What's Alocola?

On its own, Alocola is a simple application that uses the iPhone's location-services to present your position, altitude, speed and course. When paired with a website, Alocola enables the website to be location aware.

Alocola is a web-helper application that lets users provide their location information when websites ask for it.

Alocola works with Safari, the built-in web browser. With Alocola, web developers don't need to create their own iPhone app. Users simply browse in Safari the way they normally would; when a site asks for location information Alocola pops up, asks permission to give the location to the site, returns to Safari and passes the location along as part of the URL.

Using Alocola With A Website

See the web developer guide.

Understanding the iPhone Code

I've written a couple of articles about how the code works:

URL handling for Inter-process Communication (IPC)

CoreLocation tutorial


Alocola was developed by Dan Grigsby for the iPhone programming blog and podcast Mobile Orchard.

Read the launch announcement for the backstory behind Alocola.

Visit the Alocola website for contact info.