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Project Submission for Women Safety Challenge
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Project Submission for Emergency Alert for Women Safety with Location tracking, starting 1st November.

Submission Procedure

Read the following steps and guidelines properly for proper submission of your project. Missing out any step or performing it wrongly can lead to unsuccessful submission.

Step 1

Fork this repository

Step 2

Create a New Folder within the forked repository, with the 'folder name' being your 'username' or 'Name' on IncubateIND

Contents of the folder

  • The project directory.
  • A presentation on your project.
  • A text file that contains proper documentation. The documentation should contain:
    • A description of your project.
    • The contents of your project directory.
    • Ways to host your project on the localhost.
  • The name of the 'pptx' and 'text' files should also be the 'username'.

People with only hardware solution are required to submit only the 'pptx' and 'text' files. A link to the video demonstration of your working model should also be included in both the files.

Step 3

Create a Pull Request only after you have completed the entire project and do not wish to make any further changes. We will not be accepting more than one Pull Request from any user.

You can complete your work on the local machine and then upload your project folder in the forked repository and proceed to create a Pull Request.

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