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A simple middleware that uses the django messages framework to add a notification regarding the EU cookie directive.

If it can't detect a cookie about cookies, sets it and displays a message.


Install from pypi.

pip install django-cookie-message

In your settings:

  • Ensure the django messages framework is installed.
  • Add 'cookie_message' to INSTALLED_APPS.
  • Add 'cookie_message.middleware.CookieMessageMiddleware' to MIDDLEWARE_CLASSES.


The message can be changed by overriding the cookies/message.html template.

The cookie can be changed by defining COOKIE_MESSAGE_KWARGS in your The default is:

    'key': 'cookie_message',
    'value': '',
    'max_age': 365 * 24 * 60 * 60, # One year.
    'expires': None,
    'path': '/',
    'domain': None,
    'secure': None,
    'httponly': False,

These are the arguments sent to set_cookie().