NPM package for the Javasript React Native for Nchan
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A Websocket, EventSource, and Long-Polling wrapper for Nchan

// CommonJS

import NchanSubscriber from 'react-native-nchan'

let opt = {
  subscriber: 'longpoll', 'eventsource', or 'websocket',
    //or an array of the above indicating subscriber type preference
  reconnect: undefined,
  shared: undefined

const sub = new NchanSubscriber(url, opt);

sub.on("message", function(message, message_metadata) {
  // message is a string
  // message_metadata is a hash that may contain 'id' and 'content-type'

sub.on('connect', function(evt) {
  //fired when first connected.

sub.on('disconnect', function(evt) {
  // when disconnected.

sub.on('error', function(error_code or evt, error_description) {
  //error callback

sub.reconnect; // should subscriber try to reconnect? true by default.
sub.reconnectTimeout; //how long to wait to reconnect? does not apply to EventSource, which reconnects on its own.
sub.lastMessageId; //last message id. useful for resuming a connection without loss or repetition.

sub.start(); // begin (or resume) subscribing
sub.stop(); // stop subscriber. do not reconnect.