Wintermute Endpoint Search: Parse source code pulling out endpoints, parameters, and a bunch of other stuff
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WES - Wintermute Endpoint Search

WES is a static code analyzer for web applications that doesn’t take the traditional approach of showing where problems may exist in our code. Rather WES simply pulls all of the endpoints, parameters, templates, methods, and line numbers for each, right out of the source code. These results can then be used to feed a dynamic scanner as a site map of the application. Reading all of this information right from the source code allows for a more complete listing of vectors for your dynamic scan than traditional techniques(crawlers, proxies, and brute forcers).

Currently WES supports processing the following frameworks:

  • Spring
  • Java Servlets
  • JavaServer Pages (JSP)
  • Django


To install the project you will want to do the following:

From Github:

pip install git+ssh://


pip install git+


Processing the source code

WES supports a few methods of running from the command line. You have the option of supplying a git repository address (eg. or a folder which contains the source code.

Running WES on individual projects can be done with the following commands:


wes -f myProjectFolder -u

Git repo

wes -r -u

Running tests

All of the following commands should be run from the root WES directory.

Unit tests

pytest tests

Integration test

pytest integrationTest

Code coverage

pytest --cov-config .coveragerc --cov wes --cov-report term-missing tests