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Coding conventions

This module hosts rules designed to test that code conforms to organisation specific conventions and practices. The goal of such testing is to aim for a common look and feel across a code base.

Installing the module


Using the module with PSScriptAnalyzer

Each of the rules is written to be used by PSScriptAnalyzer. Script analyzer must be set to use a custom rule path, this can be either the path to the module manifest, or the root module.

Invoke-ScriptAnalyzer -Path C:\Path\To\File\file.ps1 -CustomRulePath (Get-CodingConventionModulePath)

Using the module with Pester

Individual rules can be invoked independently, for example within Pester. Two options are available:


Invoke-CodingConventionRule is a helper which simulates the behaviour of Invoke-ScriptAnalyzer.

It 'Does not use nested functions' {
    Invoke-CodingConventionRule -Command TestSubjectName -RuleName AvoidNestedFunctions | Should -BeNullOrEmpty


In the following example, the parent describe block is assumed to be named after the test subject.

It 'Does not use nested functions' {
    Assert-RuleCompliance -RuleName AvoidNestedFunctions

If the describe block uses a different naming convention the test subject may be specified.

It 'Does not use nested functions' {
    Assert-RuleCompliance -RuleName AvoidNestedFunctions -CommandName TestSubjectName