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Goon buildpack to use on heroku (for Elixir/Porcelain)
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Heroku Goon Buildpack

This is a Heroku buildpack for bundling a compatible goon binary with your environment.


  • Buildpack: 0.1
  • goon: 1.1.1


This buildpack only installs goon, it isn't very useful by itself. You'll probably want to use it as part of a multi-buildpack. Here is an example using the Ruby buildpack.

$ heroku buildpacks:set ''
$ echo '' >> .buildpacks
$ echo '' >> .buildpacks
$ git add .buildpacks
$ git commit -m 'Add multi-buildpack'


If you run into issues when trying to deploy with this buildpack, make sure your app is running on Cedar with Ubuntu 14.04 (cedar-14). You can check this with:

$ heroku stack

If you are on an older stack, you can upgrade to cedar-14 with:

$ heroku stack:set cedar-14


This buildpack is based upon awesome (wkhtmltopdf-buildpack)[]

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