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Independent Reserve - WebSockets

For more details on Independent Reserve's API, please refer to API Documentation

How to connect

WebSocket base url: wss:// Message Encoding: JSON

Available Channels

There are two channels available over WebSockets: orderbook and ticker. Each channel supports subscribing to currency pair events on the channel. See Subscribing to Channels section for more details.

Subscribing to Channels

Channels can be subscribed to using channel names in the format of {channel type}-{cryptocurrency}-{fiatcurrency}.


E.g: orderbook-xbt-aud, ticker-xbt-aud

Subscribing to a channel can be done in two ways:

  1. Supplying channel names with the subscribe query string when opening a connection. Eg: wss://,ticker-xbt-aud will subscribe to order book XBT/AUD events and ticker XBT/AUD
  2. Sending a subscribe message once the connection is established. The subscribe message should set the data property to a string array with the channels to subscribe to.

Subscribe message format

    "Data":["orderbook-xbt-aud", "ticker-xbt-aud"]

Unsubscribing from Channels

Unsubscribing from a channel is done using an Unsubscribe message with the data property listing the channels to unsubscribe from.

Unsubscribe message format

    "Data":["orderbook-xbt-aud", "ticker-xbt-aud"]

Subscription Confirmation Event

Successful subscriptions and unsubscriptions are notified via the Subscriptions event. The Data property will list current subscriptions.

Subscriptions event

    "Data":["orderbook-xbt-aud", "ticker-xbt-aud"]

Orderbook Channel

The order book channel provides real-time order book updates. Order created, canceled and modified events are published on the order book channel.

NewOrder - Order Created Event

The NewOrder event is published when a limit order is placed on the order book.


OrderType values can be: LimitBid or LimitOffer

OrderChanged - Order modified Event

The OrderChanged event is published with updated volume when an order is filled or partially filled due to a trade. Fully filled orders will have "Volume":0


The only value that can be updated is in a change event is Volume.

OrderCanceled - Order Cancelled Event

The OrderCanceled event is published when an order is canceled.


Ticker Channel

The ticker channel provides realtime trade updates. Trade events are published on the ticker channel.

Trade Event

Trade events are published on every trade. Note: The Pair of a trade event will be the currency the trade is executed in and not necessarily the {fiatcurrency} of the channel it is published on. Eg: Subscribing to ticker-xbt-aud will publish trade events with Pair:"xbt-aud" as well as "xbt-usd" and "xbt-nzd" depending on the native secondary currency of the trade.


Side values can be: Buy or Sell. The BidGuid and OfferGuid fields match those published in the orderbook channel.


Each event on a channel will have a nonce. A nonce is an increasing integer value for each channel. A nonce will increase by exactly 1 with every published event on the channel. An increase of more than 1 from the previous event indicates a dropped event. A nonce less than the previous event indicates a reset channel. In both cases it's advised to have logic to ensure the subscriber is in the correct state. Nonces are assigned per channel, per crypto currency and are duplicated for each of the fiat currency subscribtions. Eg: orderbook-xbt-aud will have the same nonce as the orderbook-xbt-usd and orderbook-xbt-nzd, but will have a different nonce to ticker-xbt-aud or orderbook-eth-aud


A heartbeat event is published every 60 seconds. Note: this interval may change in the future.



404 Status Code

  • Make sure you are using the correct base URL. See How to connect.
  • Make sure that you are using a websockets protocol to open a connection.

If the status description on the response is "WebSockets disabled", the WebSockets server is temporarily unavailable.

400 Status Code

If you get status code of 400 when using a subscription query string, check that the query string is in the correct format. See Subscribing to Channels.

Error event on subscribing

If you get an Error event when subscribing, check the error data field for details and check the subscribe format.



JavaScript native WebSocket support:

var webSocket = new WebSocket('wss://');
webSocket.onmessage = function (event) {

JavaScript example: Source Code

JavaScript example: Demo - Live XBT-AUD Orderbook Events


Documentation and samples for using Independent Reserve's Cryptocurrency Exchange WebSockets API



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