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An Office Automation solution using the Cypress Analog Coprocessor and Raspberry Pi
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OpenHAB_ config

Project: While You Were Out

This project is my entry for the Design Challenge For PSOC Analog CoProcessor and Smart Spaces. The ideas is to have a unit that is capable of sensing and control of office lights, fans and computers and can be activated using RFID tags and cards as well. It can also be remotely accessed for monitoring and control of mentioned peripherals and implements the logic to control the office applicances in the absence of the user. The automation is expected to provide savings in electricity as well as the prolonged life of equipment such as computer monitor, lights and fans.


![image of the project](./Enclosure/Cypress PSOC Project v19-a.png)

Block Diagram

Getting Started

Clone the repository

   ----Documentation (Currently Empty... Oops!)
   ----Energia (Code for the MSP430G to be used with the PSOC Analog CoProcessor Board)
   ----OpenHAB_Config (sitemap, items file and rules file for openhab)
   ----PSOCFirmware (Cypress PSOC Creator Project)
   ----Python Script (A Python code for service - MQTT, MFRC etc )
   ----Reference (Everything else)

The system is divided into two parts in terms of software. The first part is the python script that you can run using

sudo python

The second part is OpenHAB and Openhab Can be downloaded from here

The 3D models can be donwloaded from Pinshape HERE

Wire em up. See my Youtube channel for more videos.

Software used



  • Write setup script for the python service


This project is licensed under the GPLv2 license - see the for details


Designed by Inderpreet Singh(

This software may be distributed and modified under the terms of the GNU General Public License version 2 (GPL2) as published by the Free Software Foundation and appearing in the file LICENSE.TXT included in the packaging of this file. Please note that GPL2 Section 2[b] requires that all works based on this software must also be made publicly available under the terms of the GPL2 ("Copyleft").

We put a lot of time and effort into our project and hence this copyright notice ensures that people contribute as well as each contribution is acknowledged. Please retain this original notice and if you make changes please document them below along with your details.

The latest copy of this project/library can be found at:

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