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--- 0.7 2015/08/18
Add sections on configuration and how to access the sample Bibframe
Fix incorrect RDF namespace URI MPSPARQL-25
The declarations are not necessary so they are simply removed.
Install new sample config filter-sparql.xml which can be used in the
filters-available / filters-enabled mechanism of Metaproxy.
--- 0.6 2015/05/27
New configuration element <present> which allows retrieval of records
given a URI.
Add more indexes to Bibframe demo.
--- 0.5 2015/04/29
Fix make check fails in src MPSPARQL-14
Add facility for sub query (uri.schema) MPSPARQL-13
%u variable: for <urls> MPSPARQL-12
Database + schema match in sections MPSPARQL-11
For same database all SPARQL sections are fired off and the relevant
result (xml documents) are returned for given schema. If schema is not
given, first defined section will be used.
--- 0.4 2015/02/19
Extend man page with examples - based in the triplestore.xml.
Add keyword search for database "work" in triplestore.xml MPSPARQL-7
Use OPTIONAL for all fields in the "work" database MPSPARQL-8
Allow solution sequence / modifier MPSPARQL-9
Allow triplestore endpoint to be given once MPSPARQL-10
--- 0.3 2015/02/06
bibframe sample config in /usr/share/mp-sparql/bibframe MPSPARQL-6
schema check and accept header update MPSPARQL-5
--- 0.2 2015/01/28
Result construction MPSPARQL-4
Configuration item "field" replaced by "form", which allows
SELECT/CONSTRUCT to be defined. The triple store is now returning
application/rdf+xml response and this is what's decoded.
Database work+instance with basic Bib-1 attributes
--- 0.1 2015/01/09