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--- 0.5 2015/08/19
Move material from bibframe/README to manual
Mention CentOS 7 repo in documentation
Install bibframe config files in /usr/share/mp-xquery/bibframe
--- 0.4 2015/05/27
Add guide + reference - docbook based. Includes short instructions on
how to compile and install the software.
Change to
Fix identical titles for bnodes=true MPX-9
Use 3-parent and search from there, to scope within current bibframe
--- 0.3 2015/01/12
Use idzorba package instead of zorba package. MPX-7
Make Debian package. MPX-6
Follow both resource and nodeID in simple display MPX-5
This is to continue to show creator and workTitle when we
use usebnodes=false in xquery filter.
Nate's changes to full display
Make internal references jumpable in HTML. Update for changes in
hash attribute (marc2bibframe update). Add <?xml-stylesheet element.
--- 0.2 2014/06/18
xquery (3mp) man page.
Allow elementset to be configured.
Changes to configuration format. New format is not compatible with
first release (0.1).
--- 0.1 2014/06/17
First internal release.