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v0.6.7 / Thu, 20 Dec 2012

  • d77c55d [dist] Version bump. 0.6.7 (indexzero)
  • bb57c49 Prefer this fix for #65 to 6045618 (Michael Hart)

v0.6.6 / Thu, 20 Dec 2012

  • aec2b4e [dist] Version bump. 0.6.6 (indexzero)
  • 6045618 [fix] Fix for #65 (indexzero)
  • 0d795ec [test] Better tests to show #65 (indexzero)
  • f19f0b6 [test] Added failing test to illustrate #65 (indexzero)
  • bcbaf3a [dist] Bump version to 0.6.5 (Maciej Małecki)
  • 8b65e19 [test] Test on newer node versions (Maciej Małecki)
  • 8e987b8 make it possible to use other formats than json in common.loadFiles and common.loadFilesSync (Christian Tellnes)
  • da39d3c [fix] null values should merge properly instead of throwing errors (Bradley Meck)
  • 7421836 [fix] heirarchy fixture file path wrong in tests (Bradley Meck)
  • 683f789 [fix] #59 root get/set should work via null/undefined as key (Bradley Meck)
  • 0f092ab Added docs for options hash to optimist. (Ethan Winn)

v0.6.4 / Tue, 10 Jul 2012

  • 7279bc1 [dist] Version bump. 0.6.4 (indexzero)
  • d96d254 [fix] Fix regression introduced by 36e061c4bda8d79f657dc24b1dcf1937f31d7efe (indexzero)
  • 7e8d9d6 [test] Added failing test for .save() regression introduced by @russfrank in 36e061c4bda8d79f657dc24b1dcf1937f31d7efe (indexzero)
  • 04e2230 [minor doc] Update file header in test/provider-test.js (indexzero)

v0.6.3 / Tue, 10 Jul 2012

  • c7c6b6f [dist] Version bump. 0.6.3 (indexzero)
  • 3073430 [api test doc] Make options to Provider.prototype.file take more flexible options (indexzero)
  • 8b53c12 [minor] Use locally scoped path variable (indexzero)

v0.6.2 / Tue, 10 Jul 2012

  • 80a7973 [dist] Version bump. 0.6.2 (indexzero)
  • 7515f66 [fix] Ensure that all options are passed to Provider.prototype.add in Provider.prototype.file. Fixes #51 [doc] Update and method documentation [dist] Remove vim comments (indexzero)

v0.6.1 / Sun, 8 Jul 2012

  • eeddb70 [dist] Version bump. 0.6.1 (indexzero)
  • 9aaafc5 Ugh, fixed whitespace (Michael Hart)
  • 3c08fad Changed to as it's more accurate (Michael Hart)
  • e15f787 Updated README and allowed a simpley syntax (Michael Hart)
  • 92d4e9e Added test and updated docs (Michael Hart)
  • 8921d05 Added support for nested configs via env (Michael Hart)
  • 6cbc323 Add reset to the list of destructive commands (Michael Hart)
  • 26d81e8 Merge objects if necessary when traversing stores on get() (Michael Hart)
  • 83440f9 fix spelling in error message (Christian Tellnes)
  • 87b0dd0 [minor] Use fs.exists when available (Maciej Małecki)
  • 1f67d35 [dist] Fix maintainers field (Christian Howe)
  • 6353d02 api and doc change for flatiron/nconf#28 (.file may now take a string instead of an object) (Jonathan Stewmon)
  • d3e6897 Proper teardowns in complete-test.js (Russell Frank)
  • 94bdb7d Added complete-test.js & fixture. (Russell Frank)
  • 36e061c Fixes to and tests. (Russell Frank)
  • 29eb5f9 [minor] Fix whitespaces (Pavan Kumar Sunkara)
  • 6ce0b7a Surfacing additional JSON.stringify arguments in formats.json.stringify, and adding the json_spacing option to the File constructor. (Jordan Harband)
  • b369931 [minor] Use fs.existsSync when available (Maciej Małecki)
  • d8c4749 [test] Test on node@0.7 (Maciej Małecki)
  • 464af41 [fix test] Fix bad test assertion (indexzero)

v0.5.1 / Mon, 2 Jan 2012

  • 6a6e092 [dist] Version bump. 0.5.1 (indexzero)
  • 6242caa [api minor] Add .loadSync() to Memory store. Fixes #24 (indexzero)
  • d0a9121 [test dist] Remove unused eyes dependency (indexzero)
  • 9e9e37b [minor] Update whitespace (indexzero)
  • fdb73f0 updated tests to verify that Provider.load respects hierarchy (Jonathan Stewmon)
  • a216336 updated Provider.load to respect sources hierarchy (Jonathan Stewmon)
  • 6b6bf85 updated optimist to version 0.3.x (Jonathan Stewmon)
  • 5c43d54 fixed merge issue in Provider.load by reversing store keys in getStores (Jonathan Stewmon)
  • 2804b1f fixed issue caused by using same name for defaults and overrides (Jonathan Stewmon)
  • e0e070a [test] Test if File.saveSync() returns store content (Maciej Małecki)
  • 963387c [api] File.saveSync() should return store content (Maciej Małecki)
  • d5ce1ed [test] Test saveSync() method of file store (Maciej Małecki)
  • cf9889e [dist] Upgrade vows to 0.6.x (Pavan Kumar Sunkara)

v0.5.0 / Thu, 24 Nov 2011

  • 62cb7fb [dist] Version bump. 0.5.0 (indexzero)
  • 6c720ee [dist] Update Copyright and Author to Nodejitsu Inc. (indexzero)
  • 4643a14 [doc] Updated README and added (indexzero)
  • 90b0297 [test] Update tests to use optional options API (indexzero)
  • 53d854a [api] Default to options if is not available in nconf.Literal (indexzero)
  • b658f68 [test] Add additional test coverage for hierarchical configuration (indexzero)
  • a9c3540 [fix test] Fix overwritten tests in file-store-test.js (indexzero)
  • f4f1fdf [fix test] Update to respected .sources option correctly (indexzero)
  • bbcb271 [api fix] Dont eagerly create config files in .load() and .loadSync() (indexzero)
  • 021850a [test] Move around test .json files (indexzero)
  • 0fbc9a2 [test] Added tests (which are now passing) for #15 (indexzero)
  • 16a18bf [refactor] Expose all store prototypes on nconf.*. Expose store instances on Provider.stores and Provider.sources (indexzero)
  • c3cebe7 [refactor] Rename .sources to ._stores and bring back ._sources (indexzero)
  • 78ce556 [minor] Dont allow .set() calls to change values in readOnly stores: argv, env, and literal (indexzero)
  • 1aa2f1f [doc] Updated (indexzero)
  • 47a56cc [test] Test for hierarchical argv options get() (Sander Tolsma)
  • c3c315d [refactor] Refactor to make using nconf more fluent. (indexzero)
  • 2c1ef71 [dist] Bump to v0.4.6 (Marak Squires)
  • 1b258bf [fix] Fix option parsing (Maciej Małecki)
  • ef3222e [dist] Make repository point to flatiron/nconf (Maciej Małecki)

v0.4.5 / Sun, 20 Nov 2011

  • f4723e9 [dist] Version bump. 0.4.5 (indexzero)
  • 2475d06 [test] Test command line arguments reparsing (Maciej Małecki)
  • bbc5885 [api] Reparse argv arguments on system.loadArgv() (Maciej Małecki)
  • 51700ca [test minor] Use process.argv[0] when spawning processes (Maciej Małecki)
  • 07f8c3e [doc] Add Travis build status image (Maciej Małecki)
  • bab96b0 [test] Add .travis.yml for testing on Travis CI (Maciej Małecki)

v0.4.4 / Sat, 22 Oct 2011

  • b96151e [dist] Version bump. 0.4.4 (indexzero)
  • d8a3020 [fix] filename --> file in a few file transport examples (Joshua Holbrook)
  • 2e33082 [api] Automatically search for a file if is true in File store (indexzero)

v0.4.3 / Sun, 25 Sep 2011

  • 86e22cb [dist] Version bump. 0.4.3 (indexzero)
  • a2464d2 [api] Load sources into the default system store so they are permenantly cached (indexzero)

v0.4.2 / Sun, 25 Sep 2011

  • e243b0b [dist] Version bump. 0.4.2 (indexzero)
  • d0aee0d [api test] Added .sources option for nconf.Provider for readonly configuration data (indexzero)
  • 0234e17 [fix] Update bad variable reference (indexzero)

v0.4.1 / Mon, 19 Sep 2011

  • d334d07 [dist] Version bump. 0.4.1 (indexzero)
  • a490c77 [fix] Match case in require statements (indexzero)

v0.4.0 / Sun, 18 Sep 2011

  • 0addce4 [dist] Version bump. 0.4.0 (indexzero)
  • c4c8d7b [doc] Updated docco docs (indexzero)
  • f867e74 [dist] Remove unused test fixtures (indexzero)
  • 1ef5797 [api test] Finished API and tests for hierarchical configuration storage. (indexzero)
  • 7ef9b11 [doc] Minor update to library title (indexzero)
  • a063880 [doc] Updated usage.js and for the next hierarchical syntax. (indexzero)
  • da2da7a [api test breaking refactor] Significant refactor to how nconf works. Now a fully hierarchical configuration storage mechanism capable of multiple levels of stores of the same type. (indexzero)
  • 2bda7b6 [api] Added nconf.stores.System (indexzero)

v0.3.1 / Mon, 29 Aug 2011

  • 54ea095 [dist] Version bump. 0.3.1 (indexzero)
  • e631d23 [fix] Lazy-load any CLI arguments from optimist (indexzero)

v0.3.0 / Sun, 28 Aug 2011

  • 8a31728 [dist] Version bump. 0.3.0 (indexzero)
  • 2e47d02 [doc] Updated (indexzero)
  • 954b5fd [doc] Updated docco docs (indexzero)
  • fb392dd [api test] Updated test/provider-test.js and associated merge implementation (indexzero)
  • e8904e9 [api] Added nconf.loadFiles() method (indexzero)
  • a6533aa [dist api test] Finished integrating features from reconf and updating associated tests (indexzero)
  • add8922 [api dist] Begin to integrate features from reconf (indexzero)
  • 57f0742 [doc] Update for nconf-redis (indexzero)

v0.2.0 / Fri, 8 Jul 2011

  • b6adab2 [dist] Version bump. 0.2.0 (indexzero)
  • 8620e6b [api test] Remove Redis store in preparation for nconf-redis (indexzero)
  • 49a1a6d [dist] Added LICENSE (MIT ftw) (indexzero)

0.1.14 / Sat, 25 Jun 2011

  • d485f5e [dist] Version bump. 0.1.14 (indexzero)
  • 7e4623e [api test] Update nconf.Provider to create a new instance of the store if the options are different (indexzero)

v0.1.13 / Fri, 24 Jun 2011

  • 1b0f347 [dist] Version bump. 0.1.13 (indexzero)
  • d8b5a80 [minor] Small style updates to the File store (indexzero)
  • c436851 [refactor]: Cleaned up error handling on File.loadSync and File.load [refactor]: Using path module to determine if file exists instead of throwing error [api]: File.load and File.loadSync will now automatically create the requested JSON file path if no file is found. (Marak Squires)
  • 6c6887a move callback outside of try / catch (Dominic Tarr)

v0.1.12 / Wed, 8 Jun 2011

  • ae5aec6 [dist] Version bump. 0.1.12 (indexzero)
  • 76db254 [fix test] Update nconf.stores.File to respond with an error when loading malformed JSON async (indexzero)

v0.1.11 / Tue, 7 Jun 2011

  • d7495f8 [dist] Version bump. 0.1.11 (indexzero)
  • 4c7aea9 [doc] Update docco docs (indexzero)
  • f611066 [dist] Update to pkginfo 0.2.0 (indexzero)

v0.1.10 / Sun, 5 Jun 2011

  • be76887 [dist] Version bump. 0.1.10 (indexzero)
  • 7ffbf0a [doc] Regenerate docco docs (indexzero)
  • 13f5753 [minor] Update nconf.version to use pkginfo (indexzero)
  • c9e60d9 [doc] Update code docs (indexzero)
  • 4459ba5 [api] Added .merge() to stores.Memory and stores.Redis (indexzero)
  • a4f00be [dist] Update package.json and .gitignore (indexzero)
  • 8a79ef0 test retrieving non-existent keys and drilling into non-objects (Sami Samhuri)
  • 6acc1fc allow storing null in redis (Sami Samhuri)
  • faa8ab9 correctly retrieve falsy values from memory (hence file) (Sami Samhuri)
  • bdf2fc8 [fix] Fixed spelling error (avian)
  • e7c216e [minor] Clarified error message returned when a config file contains invalid JSON. (avian)
  • e26bbe2 [doc] Updated code samples for GitHub flavored markdown with Javascript (indexzero)

v0.1.9 / Mon, 16 May 2011

  • 78202ec [dist] Version bump. 0.1.9 (indexzero)
  • 87351ca [fix] Use the memory engine by default (indexzero)

v0.1.8 / Mon, 16 May 2011

  • badbb59 [dist] Version bump. 0.1.8 (indexzero)
  • 9da37df [dist api test] Refactor pluggable nconf-level logic into nconf.Provider. Update .gitignore for npm 1.0. Update pathing in source and tests to be more require.paths future-proof (indexzero)

v0.1.7 / Wed, 20 Apr 2011

  • 4a61560 [dist] Version bump. 0.1.7 (indexzero)
  • 3b104f2 [doc] Update docco docs (indexzero)
  • d65922d [api] Add .saveSync() and .loadSync() methods to File store (indexzero)

v0.1.6 / Tue, 19 Apr 2011

  • b9951b4 [dist] Version bump. 0.1.6. (indexzero)
  • da85594 [doc] Update docco docs (indexzero)
  • 067d58a [minor test] Add tests for File store save(). Improve default file format to pretty print the JSON output (indexzero)

v0.1.5 / Wed, 13 Apr 2011

  • 96859f9 [dist] Version bump. 0.1.5 (indexzero)
  • d99ab32 [fix] Dont allow async.forEach to be called on undefined or null arrays (indexzero)

v0.1.4 / Tue, 5 Apr 2011

  • 7484fdb [dist] Version bump. 0.1.4 (indexzero)
  • 04a59e9 [fix] Supress errors from Redis (indexzero)

v0.1.3 / Tue, 5 Apr 2011

  • 9bd6e26 [dist] Version bump. 0.1.3 (indexzero)
  • 4094125 [api] Add support for Redis auth and optional callbacks. (indexzero)

v0.1.2 / Sun, 3 Apr 2011

  • 81e1883 [dist] Version bump. 0.1.2 (indexzero)
  • b850ae2 [fix] Update path to require statement in Redis store (indexzero)

v0.1.1 / Sat, 2 Apr 2011

  • 6f16bc7 [dist] Version bump. 0.1.1 (indexzero)
  • 752bb98 [api] Improve the .use() method. Use the memory engine by default (indexzero)
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