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octonode is a library for nodejs to access the github v3 api


npm install octonode


var github = require('octonode');

// Then we instanciate a client with or without a token (as show in a later section)

var ghme   =;
var ghuser = client.user('pksunkara');
var ghrepo = client.repo('pksunkara/hub');
var ghorg  ='flatiron');
var ghgist = client.gist();
var ghteam =;

var ghsearch =;

Build a client which accesses any public information

var client = github.client();

client.get('/users/pksunkara', function (err, status, body) {
  console.log(body); //json object

Build a client from an access token

var client = github.client('someaccesstoken');

client.get('/user', function (err, status, body) {
  console.log(body); //json object

Build a client from credentials

var client = github.client({
  username: 'pksunkara',
  password: 'password'

client.get('/user', function (err, status, body) {
  console.log(body); //json object

Many of the below use cases use parts of the above code


Authenticate to github in cli mode (desktop application)

  username: 'pksunkara',
  password: 'password'
}).login(['user', 'repo', 'gist'], function (err, id, token) {
  console.log(id, token);

Revoke authentication to github in cli mode (desktop application)

  username: 'pksunkara',
  password: 'password'
}).revoke(id, function (err) {
  if (err) throw err;

Authenticate to github in web mode (web application)

// Web application which authenticates to github
var http = require('http')
  , url = require('url')
  , qs = require('querystring')
  , github = require('octonode');

// Build the authorization config and url
var auth_url = github.auth.config({
  id: 'mygithubclientid',
  secret: 'mygithubclientsecret'
}).login(['user', 'repo', 'gist']);

// Web server
http.createServer(function (req, res) {
  uri = url.parse(req.url);
  // Redirect to github login
  if (uri.pathname=='/login') {
    res.writeHead(301, {'Content-Type': 'text/plain', 'Location': auth_url})
    res.end('Redirecting to ' + auth_url);
  // Callback url from github login
  else if (uri.pathname=='/auth') {
    github.auth.login(qs.parse(uri.query).code, function (err, token) {
    res.writeHead(200, {'Content-Type': 'text/plain'})
  } else {
    res.writeHead(200, {'Content-Type': 'text/plain'})

console.log('Server started on 3000');

Rate Limiting

You can also check your rate limit status by calling the following.

client.limit(function (err, left, max) {
  console.log(left); // 4999
  console.log(max);  // 5000

API Callback Structure

All the callbacks for the following will take first an error argument, then a data argument, like this:, data) {
  console.log("error: " + err);
  console.log("data: " + data);

Github authenticated user api

Token/Credentials required for the following:

Get information about the user (GET /user); //json

Update user profile (PATCH /user)

  "name": "monalisa octocat",
  "email": "",
}, callback);

Get emails of the user (GET /user/emails)

ghme.emails(callback); //array of emails

Set emails of the user (POST /user/emails)

ghme.emails(['', ''], callback); //array of emails
ghme.emails('', callback); //array of emails

Delete emails of the user (DELETE /user/emails)

ghme.emails(['', '']);

Get the followers of the user (GET /user/followers)

ghme.followers(callback); //array of github users

Get users whom the user is following (GET /user/following)

ghme.following(callback); //array of github users

Check if the user is following a user (GET /user/following/marak)

ghme.following('marak', callback); //boolean

Follow a user (PUT /user/following/marak)


Unfollow a user (DELETE /user/following/marak)


Get public keys of a user (GET /user/keys)

ghme.keys(callback); //array of keys

Get a single public key (GET /user/keys/1)

ghme.keys(1, callback); //key

Create a public key (POST /user/keys)

ghme.keys({"title":"laptop", "key":"ssh-rsa AAA..."}, callback); //key

Update a public key (PATCH /user/keys/1)

ghme.keys(1, {"title":"desktop", "key":"ssh-rsa AAA..."}, callback); //key

Delete a public key (DELETE /user/keys/1)


List your public and private organizations (GET /user/orgs)

ghme.orgs(callback); // array of orgs

List your repositories (GET /user/repos)

ghme.repos(callback); //array of repos

Create a repository (POST /user/repos)

  "name": "Hello-World",
  "description": "This is your first repo",
}, callback); //repo

Fork a repository (POST /repos/pksunkara/hub/forks)

ghme.fork('pksunkara/hub', callback); //forked repo

Github users api

No token required for the following

Get information about an user (GET /users/pksunkara); //json

Get an user followers (GET /users/pksunkara/followers)

ghuser.followers(callback); //array of github users

Get an user followings (GET /users/pksunkara/following)

ghuser.following(callback); //array of github users

Github repositories api

Get information about a repository (GET /repos/pksunkara/octonode); //json

Get the commits for a repository (GET /repos/pkumar/hub/commits)

ghrepo.commits(callback); //array of commits

Get the tags for a repository (GET /repos/pksunkara/hub/tags)

ghrepo.tags(callback); //array of tags

Get the languages for a repository (GET /repos/pksunkara/hub/languages)

ghrepo.languages(callback); //array of languages

Get the contributors for a repository (GET /repos/pksunkara/hub/contributors)

ghrepo.contributors(callback); //array of github users

Get the branches for a repository (GET /repos/pksunkara/hub/branches)

ghrepo.branches(callback); //array of branches

Get the issues for a repository (GET /repos/pksunkara/hub/issues)

ghrepo.issues(callback); //array of issues

Get the README for a repository (GET /repos/pksunkara/hub/readme)

ghrepo.readme(callback); //file
ghrepo.readme('v0.1.0', callback); //file

Get the contents of a path in repository

ghrepo.contents('lib/index.js', callback); //path
ghrepo.contents('lib/index.js', 'v0.1.0', callback); //path

Get archive link for a repository

ghrepo.archive('tarball', callback); //link to archive
ghrepo.archive('zipball', 'v0.1.0', callback); //link to archive

Get the blob for a repository (GET /repos/pksunkara/hub/git/blobs/SHA)

ghrepo.blob('18293abcd72', callback); //blob

Get the teams for a repository (GET /repos/pksunkara/hub/teams)

ghrepo.teams(callback); //array of teams

Delete the repository (DELETE /repos/pksunkara/hub)


Github organizations api

Get information about an organization (GET /orgs/flatiron); //json

Update an organization (POST /orgs/flatiron)

  blog: ''
}, callback); // org

List organization repositories (GET /orgs/flatiron/repos)

ghorg.repos(callback); //array of repos

Create an organization repository (POST /orgs/flatiron/repos)

  name: 'Hello-world',
  description: 'My first world program'
}, callback); //repo

Get an organization's teams (GET /orgs/flatiron/teams)

ghorg.teams(callback); //array of teams

Get an organization's members (GET /orgs/flatiron/members)

ghorg.members(callback); //array of github users

Check an organization member (GET /orgs/flatiron/members/pksunkara)

ghorg.member('pksunkara', callback); //boolean

Github gists api

List authenticated user's gists (GET /gists)

ghgist.list(callback); //array of gists

List authenticated user's public gists (GET /gists/public)

ghgist.public(callback); //array of gists

List authenticated user's starred gists (GET /gists/starred)

ghgist.starred(callback); //array of gists

List a user's public gists (GET /users/pksunkara/gists)

ghgist.user('pksunkara', callback); //array of gists

Get a single gist (GET /gists/37)

ghgist.get(37, callback); //gist

Create a gist (POST /gists)

  description: "the description",
  files: { ... }
}), callback); //gist

Edit a gist (PATCH /gists/37)

ghgist.edit(37, {
  description: "hello gist"
}, callback); //gist

Delete a gist (DELETE /gists/37)


Fork a gist (POST /gists/37/forks)

ghgist.fork(37, callback); //gist

Star a gist (PUT /gists/37/star);

Unstar a gist (DELETE /gists/37/unstar)


Check if a gist is starred (GET /gists/37/star)

ghgist.check(37); //boolean

List comments on a gist (GET /gists/37/comments)

ghgist.comments(37, callback); //array of comments

Create a comment (POST /gists/37/comments)

ghgist.comments(37, {
  body: "Just commenting"
}, callback); //comment

Get a single comment (GET /gists/comments/1)

ghgist.comment(1, callback); //comment

Edit a comment (POST /gists/comments/1)

ghgist.comment(1, {
  body: "lol at commenting"
}, callback); //comment

Delete a comment (DELETE /gists/comments/1)


Github teams api

Get a team (GET /team/37); //json

Get the team members (GET /team/37/members)

ghteam.members(callback); //array of github users

Check if a user is part of the team (GET /team/37/members/pksunkara)

ghteam.member('pksunkara'); //boolean

Github search api

Search issues

ghsearch.issues('pksunkara/hub', 'open', 'git', callback); //array of issues

Search repositories

ghsearch.repos('git', 'javascript', callback); //array of repositories

Search users

ghsearch.users('git', callback); //array of users

Search emails

ghsearch.emails('', callback); //user


npm test

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Here is a list of Contributors


The following method names use underscore as an example. The library contains camel cased method names.

// public orgs for unauthenticated, private and public for authenticated

// public repos for unauthenticated, private and public for authenticated
me.is_watching('repo', callback);
me.start_watching('repo', callback);
me.stop_watching('repo', callback);
me.get_issues(params, callback);

// organization data
var org = octonode.Organization('bulletjs');

org.update(dict_with_update_properties, callback);
org.add_member('user', 'team', callback);
org.remove_member('user', callback);
org.is_public_member('user', callback);
org.make_member_public('user', callback);
org.conceal_member('user', callback);

org.get_team('team', callback);
org.create_team({name:'', repo_names:'', permission:''}, callback);
org.edit_team({name:'', permission:''}, callback);
org.delete_team('name', callback);
org.get_team_members('team', callback);
org.get_team_member('team', 'user', callback);
org.remove_member_from_team('user', 'team', callback);
org.create_repository({name: ''}, callback);
org.get_team_repositories('team', callback);
org.get_team_repository('team', 'name', callback);
org.add_team_repository('team', 'name', callback);
org.remove_team_repository('team', 'name', callback);

var repo = octonode.Repository('pksunkara/octonode');

repo.update({name: ''}, callback);

// collaborator information
repo.has_collaborator('name', callback);
repo.add_collaborator('name', callback);
repo.remove_collaborator('name', callback);

// commit data
repo.get_commit('sha-id', callback);
repo.get_commit_comments('SHA ID', callback);
repo.comment_on_commit({body: '', commit_id: '', line: '', path: '', position: ''}, callback);
repo.get_single_comment('comment id', callback);
repo.edit_single_comment('comment id', callback);
repo.delete_single_comment('comment id', callback);

// downloads
repo.create_download({name: ''}, 'filepath', callback);

// keys
repo.get_deploy_key('id', callback);
repo.create_deploy_key({title: '', key: ''}, callback);
repo.edit_deploy_key({title: '', key: ''}, callback);
repo.delete_deploy_key('id', callback);

// watcher data

// pull requests
repo.get_pull_request_comment('id', callback);
repo.create_pull_request_comment('id', {body:'', commit_id:'', path:'', position:''}, callback);
repo.reply_to_pull_request_comment('id', 'body', callback);
repo.edit_pull_request_comment('id', 'body', callback);
repo.delete_pull_request_comment('id', callback);
repo.get_issues(params, callback);
repo.get_issue('id', callback);
repo.create_issue({title: ''}, callback);
repo.edit_issue({title: ''}, callback);
repo.get_issue_comments('issue', callback);
repo.get_issue_comment('id', callback);
repo.create_issue_comment('id', 'comment', callback);
repo.edit_issue_comment('id', 'comment', callback);
repo.delete_issue_comment('id', callback);
repo.get_issue_events('id', callback);
repo.get_event('id', callback);
repo.get_label('id', callback);
repo.create_label('name', 'color', callback);
repo.edit_label('name', 'color', callback);
repo.delete_label('id', callback);
repo.get_issue_labels('issue', callback);
repo.add_labels_to_issue('issue', ['label1', 'label2'], callback);
repo.remove_label_from_issue('issue', 'labelid', callback);
repo.set_labels_for_issue('issue', ['label1', 'label2'], callback);
repo.remove_all_labels_from_issue('issue', callback);
repo.get_labels_for_milestone_issues('milestone', callback);
repo.get_milestone('id', callback);
repo.create_milestone('title', callback);
repo.edit_milestone('title', callback);
repo.delete_milestone('id', callback);

// raw git access
repo.create_blob('content', 'encoding', callback);
repo.get_commit('sha-id', callback);
repo.create_commit('message', 'tree', [parents], callback);
repo.get_reference('ref', callback);
repo.create_reference('ref', 'sha', callback);
repo.update_reference('ref', 'sha', force, callback);

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Bug Reports

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