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+## Radiant Scribbish Theme
+This is a port of the Scribbish theme that is available for other CMS and blog systems such as Memphisto and WordPress. The original is located [here]( To use this theme you will need the [import export extension]( and the [settings extension](
+### Installation
+1. Create your Radiant installation. Bootstrap the database and make sure to choose the option “Empty” for content when going through the prompts.
+2. Install the import_export extension
+3. From your radiant installations directory run: rake db:import THEME=/path/to/scribbish.yml
+4. Copy /images/scribbish into /public/images
+5. Copy /stylesheets/scribbish into /public/stylesheets
+6. Copy /javascripts/site into /public/site
+If you have any questions you can email me: charlie[dot]robbins[at]gmail[dot]com

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