A port of the scribbish theme to RadiantCMS
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Radiant Scribbish Theme

This is a port of the Scribbish theme that is available for other CMS and blog systems such as Memphisto and WordPress. The original is located here. To use this theme you will need the import export extension and the settings extension.


  1. Create your Radiant installation. Bootstrap the database and make sure to choose the option “Empty” for content when going through the prompts.
  2. Install the import_export extension
  3. From your radiant installations directory run: rake db:import THEME=/path/to/scribbish.yml
  4. Copy /images/scribbish into /public/images
  5. Copy /stylesheets/scribbish into /public/stylesheets
  6. Copy /javascripts/site into /public/site

If you have any questions you can email me: charlie[dot]robbins[at]gmail[dot]com