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Update MyApp.class.php #34

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corrected the spelling mistake 'growed' to 'grew'.

@saleemkce saleemkce Update MyApp.class.php
corrected the spelling mistake 'growed' to 'grew'.
@indeyets indeyets merged commit 83eff4a into indeyets:master

thanks @saleemkce !

@saleemkce saleemkce deleted the saleemkce:patch-1 branch

I am seriously looking for rapid development in appserver. I will contribute as much as possible. Really a big thanks for you, krakjoe and the appserver team for making this possible in PHP. I strongly believe that PHP community will soon contribute even more to game-changing projects like this. We need to make a lot more people know that crucial projects like this has been in rapid development in our community. Hope things get better soon.


now that you mention @krakjoe… :)
I never found time to implement pthreads-based worker for AiP. Patches are welcome! :)

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Commits on Feb 10, 2014
  1. @saleemkce

    Update MyApp.class.php

    saleemkce authored
    corrected the spelling mistake 'growed' to 'grew'.
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  1. +1 −1  examples/new/MyApp.class.php
2  examples/new/MyApp.class.php
@@ -46,7 +46,7 @@ private function prepareData($context)
$buffer .= 'Hello world! #'.$c."\n";
$buffer .= 'Memory usage: '.$m."\n";
$buffer .= 'Peak Memory usage: '.$p."\n";
- $buffer .= 'Memory usage last growed at request#'.$this->local_storage['memory_peak_counter']."\n\n";
+ $buffer .= 'Memory usage last grew at request#'.$this->local_storage['memory_peak_counter']."\n\n";
$buffer .= "HEADERS:\n".var_export($context['env'], true)."\n";
$buffer .= "COOKIES:\n".var_export($context['_COOKIE']->__toArray(), true)."\n";
$buffer .= "GET:\n".var_export($context['_GET'], true)."\n";
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