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// planned: 0.0.X
// ---------------------------
// on exit, ask if connection data should be saved to profile
open url directly in browser via launchy gem (thx @pht for pointing me)
add autocomplete for interactive commands (get, put, post, delete, auth, help)
added soundcloud profile
show auth status in prompt
fixed trailing slash in uri
updated & cleanedup profile managment
introduced profile creator to setup new profiles easily
updated first journey UX: start profile creator if no profile avail and no params given
added preset auth profiles for Qype, Twitter
better support for getting authkeys with auto save to current profile
streamlined output messages and prompts
show list of example profiles
equalsign for params is now optional (e.g. 'oauthc -p bbc' now works )
show auth token and secret after successful auth
updated config params
introduced easy auth (by now for Qype API only)
added tests
"http://" for any host options got optional
minor fix to resolve dependencies
got rid of repl dependency
added default profile, use $OAUTHC_CONFIG_FILE to customize default config file path
show profile name in prompt
updated help for CLI and interactive mode
ask for URI if not given
show error if wrong http method verb
inline authorization process, triggered by 'auth' command
added option to set default content_type/mime_type
nice json syntax highlight with awesome_print
set default content & mime type
initial release
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