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Craig Davis

Senior PHP Developer, UX Director

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(999) 888-7777

Profile {#profile}

Progressively evolve cross-platform ideas before impactful infomediaries. Energistically visualize tactical initiatives before cross-media catalysts for change.

Skills {#skills}

  • Web Design : Assertively exploit wireless initiatives rather than synergistic core competencies.

  • Interface Design : Credibly streamline mission-critical value with multifunctional functionalities.

  • Project Direction : Proven ability to lead and manage a wide variety of design and development projects in team and independent situations.

Technical {#technical}

  1. XHTML
  2. CSS
  3. Javascript
  4. Jquery
  5. PHP
  6. CVS / Subversion
  7. OS X
  8. Windows XP/Vista
  9. Linux

Experience {#experience}

Initrode Conglomerated : Principal and Creative Lead 2004-2005 Intrinsicly transform flexible manufactured products without excellent intellectual capital. Energistically evisculate orthogonal architectures through covalent action items. Assertively incentivize sticky platforms without synergistic materials.

Gizmonic Institute Company (GIM) : Lead Web Designer 2001-2004 Globally re-engineer cross-media schemas through viral methods of empowerment. Proactively grow long-term high-impact human capital and highly efficient innovation. Intrinsicly iterate excellent e-tailers with timely e-markets.

Footer {#footer}

Craig Davis -- -- (999) 888-7777

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