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Indico check in mobile application

This application was initially developed during the CERN OpenLab Summer Student Programme. An early description of the project (for historical purposes) can be found here.


We leverage Apache Cordova's multi-platform capabilities to create a simple yet useful web application. First of all, you'll have to install Cordova:

$ npm install -g cordova

For Android development

You'll need to have the Android SDK Tools installed. Android Studio may also be of help if you intend to use an emulator instead of a physical phone.

Please note that the ANDROID_HOME environment variable needs to be properly set, otherwise Cordova won't be able to find the SDK.

$ cordova platform add android

If you intend to use the emulator you may need to create an AVD if you don't yet have one. If you want to use a physical device, just make sure you connect it via USB.

Regardless of what you choose, you'll only need to run:

$ cordova run android

iOS Development

You will need to have XCode installed. You will also need to install ios-deploy:

$ npm install -g ios-deploy

Similarly to what happens with Android, you may choose to use an emulator or actual phone.

$ cordova run ios

You may be required to associate the XCode project with a development team.


Conference check-in application. Scan QR codes in tickets produced by Indico and get real-time information about your participants. Works on Android and iOS.




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