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indico-plugin-shower 🚿

A Shower Management plugin based on Indico's Room Booking module.

Made for April Fools' Day 2019.


These are development mode instructions, since this is supposed to be a joke plugin.

Install the package

$ git clone
$ cd indico-plugin-shower
$ pip install -e .

Build the assets

From Indico's core source directory:

$ python bin/maintenance/ plugin --clean --dev ../path/to/indico-plugin-shower

Enable the plugin

Edit indico.conf, and add showers to the PLUGINS set.

Populate with some data

This is CERN test data. We are not including any room images for obvious reasons. You can edit the file to set your own rooms/coordinates.

$ indico showers populate-db

By default you will get a CERN map, but you can build your own using the indico-maps repo (you'll have to set your own tileserver_url in before populating the DB).

When you access your Indico server, you should be redirected to the room booking system.

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