@ThiefMaster ThiefMaster released this May 31, 2018 · 1479 commits to master since this release

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Major Features

  • Add event roles, which are similar to local groups but within the scope of an event. They can be used both for assigning permissions within the event and also for quickly seeing which user has which role (such as "Program Committee" in the event
  • Add new Participant Roles (previously called Roles) which now shows each person's custom event roles and whether they have registered for the event in addition to the the default roles (speaker, chairperson, etc.)
  • Add visibility options to custom abstract/contribution fields so they can be restricted to be editable/visible only for event managers or authors/submitters instad of anyone who can see the abstract/contribution
  • Provide new interface to import registations/contributions from a CSV file (#3144)
  • Rework how access/permissions are managed. Now all access and management privileges can be assigned from a single place on the protection management page.


  • Allow specifying a default session for a track which will then be used by default when accepting an abstract in that track (#3069)
  • Allow marking contribution types as private so they cannot be selected by users submitting an abstract (#3138)
  • Add support for boolean (yes/no) and freetext questions in abstract reviewing (#3175)
  • Support event cloning with monthly recurrence on the last day of the month (#1580)
  • Add support for custom session types (#3189)
  • Move poster session flag from session settings to session type settings
  • Add contribution cloning within an event (#3207)
  • Add option to include the event description in reminder emails (#3157, thanks @bpedersen2)
  • Pin default themes to the top for event managers (#3166)
  • Add user setting whether to show future events or not by default in a category. Also keep the per-category status in the session (#3233, thanks @bpedersen2)
  • Keep page titles in sync with conference menu item titles (#3236)
  • Add option to hide an attachment folder in the display areas of an event (#3181, thanks @bpedersen2)
  • Improve flower redirect URI generation (#3187, thanks @bpedersen2)
  • When blocking a user account, the user will be forcefully logged out in addition to being prevented from logging in
  • Show track-related columns in abstract list only if there are tracks defined for the event (#2813)
  • Show warning box to inform that reviewer roles do not apply when an event has no tracks (#2919)
  • Allow specifying min/max length for registration form text fields (#3193, thanks @bpedersen2)
  • Add settings to configure the scale of 'rating' questions in paper reviewing
  • Show a nicer error message when entering an excessively high base registration fee (#3260)
  • Use proper British English for person titles (#3279)
  • Add event keywords in meta tags (#3262, thanks @bpedersen2)
  • Improve sorting by date fields in the registrant list
  • Use the user's preferred name format in more places
  • Add "back to conference" link when viewing a conference timetable using a meeting theme (#3297, thanks @bpedersen2)
  • Allow definition lists in places where Markdown or HTML is accepted (#3325)
  • Include event date/time in registration emails (#3337)
  • Allow div/span/pre with classes when writing raw HTML in CKEditor (#3332, thanks @bpedersen2)
  • Sort abstract authors/speakers by last name (#3340)
  • Improve machine-readable metadata for events and categories (#3287, thanks @bpedersen2)


  • Fix selecting a person's title in a different language than English
  • Fix display issue in "now happening" (#3278)
  • Fix error when displaying the value of an accommodation field in the registrant list and someone has the "no accomodation" option selected (#3272, thanks @bpedersen2)
  • Use the 'Reviewing' realm when logging actions from the abstract/paper reviewing modules
  • Fix error when printing badges/posters with empty static text fields (#3290)
  • Fix error when generating a PDF timetable including contribution abstracts (#3289)
  • Do not require management access to a category to select a badge template from it as a backside.
  • Fix breadcrumb metadata (#3321, thanks @bpedersen2)
  • Fix error when accessing certain registration pages without an active registration
  • Use event timezone when displaying event log entries (#3354)
  • Correctly render most markdown elements when generating a programme PDF (#3351)
  • Do not send any emails when trying to approve/reject a registration that is not pending (#3358)

Internal Changes

  • Rename Roles in ACL entries to Permissions. This especially affects the can_manage method whose role argument has been renamed to permission (#3057)
  • Add new registration_checkin_updated signal that can be used by plugins to perform an action when the checkin state of a registration changes (#3161, thanks @bpedersen2)
  • Add new signals that allow plugins to run custom code at the various stages of the RH execution and replace/modify the final response (#3227)
  • Add support for building plugin wheels with date/commit-suffixed version numbers (#3232, thanks @driehle)