Open-source meetings databse structure with search, sort, export and import for Intergroup fellowships of AA or NA
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   Open-Source Intergroup Meetings   
 LIVE DEMO:      

Open-source site template and meetings database structure with search, sort, export and import for Intergroup fellowships of AA or NA!  Turn an Excel spreadsheet into a searchable database online.  

There are TWO options to get this working on your local .org NA or AA website:  
	1. Experienced Ruby on Rails (RoR) developers may clone this repo to create and customize the full application locally and deploy it to a hosted RoR-friendly server.  Follow the tutorial below to build the site locally.  

	2. If the technical stuff is beyond the scope of your group, HCS offers full-service deployment and yearly hosting for this application.  To proceed with this option, please see the demo page

SORRY, but Hackeress Creative Studio does not offer free tech support beyond what's in this fabulous tutorial.  


1.  Getting started -- on your local machine

	$ mkdir
	$ git clone
	$ cd intergroup/
        $ bundle install
	$ rake db:create
	$ rake db:migrate
	$ rails s

	Navigate to your localhost (usually http://localhost:3000) in your web browser, and go to

	Administrative account creation is disabled by default.  There are two options for creating new accounts (2a) or (2b):

2a. Open your favorite editor and uncomment the code in 
		$ app/views/users/new.html.erb  

	before you save and refresh the page.  Navigate to:  http://localhost:3000/signup to create the admin user  -- OR -- 

2b. Command-line user creation
	$ rails c 
	irb(main):001:0> user = User.create(:name => "admin", :email => "", :password => 'PASSWORD', :password_confirmation => 'PASSWORD')
	irb(main):002:0> exit

3.  Now you may log in as the new admin user; in your browser go to:  http://localhost:3000/signin
	Once in, you'll see a different view of the navigation menu. . . fabulous!  This is available for admins only, and the view may be customized to appear differently for logged-in as admins.  			

4.  Customize the search parameters as your own.  Find and enter your city library:  

    $ cd /app/controllers
    $ vi meetings-controller.rb

	EDIT lines 46 - 70 with your cities.  Also, feel free to edit the "Codes" section for custom codes if yours differ.  

5.  Now you may upload a CSV of data; in the navigation menu, go to:  
		a) Add New Meetings (
		b) Click on "Browse"  (it's at the bottom of the page)
		c) Select the formatted .csv file from your machine
		d) Upload the CSV of data 

	Use the "san-mateo-aa.csv" in intergroup/db/san-mateo-aa.csv if you'd like to confirm it actually works -- it does! -- just be patient, as it can take 20 or 30 seconds for the full upload, depending on how many meetings you're uploading ;) You'll see an orange dialogue box that says: "Meetings imported successfully"

		>> If you upload this and need to reset the DB to test your own csv on our local machine, use:  

		    $ rake db:reset
		    $ rake db:migrate
			to clear out any messed up imports.  
		>> Else, just upload the .csv file with your local area meetings  
	!IMPORTANT -- For EVERY meetings, there needs to be an entry these columns: 
		> Day & Time 	
		> Meeting Name 	
		> Location 	
		> City

	The rest of the columns are optional.  The "Maps" column can be the most cantankerous; just plod through and get your Google Maps or Yahoo Maps or Bing Maps links.  People love to be able to look up meeting locations on their phones.   

	If you run into trouble, look at the test file for hints on how to get it working; it's not recommended to start a file from scratch; copy (cp) the existing one, and paste in your data.  Leave the column headers alone; if the upload doesn't work, it's usually because the column headers are broken, or the columns are not completely "empty" when you copy over.  Copy one column at a time, just the info you need.  When it works, you'll see the success message:  "meetings imported successfully!"

6.  Don't forget to disable the signup page 

	$ app/views/users/new.html.erb 

	after you create the admin on the server.  Or, if you can create via command-line, don't worry about this file (if you never uncommented it); just delete it all together.  You may also want to hide the "sign in" page for extra security

7.  Edit the deploy.rb file to work on your server config.  This is beyond the scope of this tutorial.  

8.  Please leave a "thanks!" donation; big or small, any amount is greatly appreciated:  

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 Copyright  2013   hackeress creative studio

   Licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0 
   (the "License"); you may not use this file except 
   in compliance with the License. You may obtain 
   a copy of the License at

   Unless required by applicable law or agreed to 
   in writing, software distributed under the 
   License is distributed on an "AS IS" BASIS,
   either express or implied. See the License 
   for the specific language governing permissions 
   and limitations under the License.

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