A "Literate Programming" approach to managing dotfiles.
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Installation requires an Emacs installation with org-mode, org-babel, and org-babel-tangle available – all of which are part of the standard library of modern Emacs versions. Installation should Just Work™ with Emacs v24+.


Automated from the web with cURL

curl -L https://github.com/indiebrain/.files/raw/master/install.sh | sh


$ git clone git@github.com:indiebrain/.files.git ~/.files
$ cd ~/.files
$ ./install.sh


Some CLI tools require sensitive credentials. Obviously we don’t want to store these in the repository. Sensitive credentials are stored in the excluded-from-version-control credentials.org. The folowing is an example of the structure of the credentials.org configuration file:

#+TITLE: Credentials

Authentication credentials for CLI tools

** Github

   :header-args: :tangle ~/credentials/.github :mkdirp yes

   Github Credentials for the =gist.el= Emacs module.

   #+BEGIN_SRC conf
       user = <github.username>
       oauth-token = <github.oauth-token>