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When writing Lithium PHP ( plugins, i've come across needing to inject some markup into the page. This is a plugin that handles it. Right now it's really simple, basically you tell it which tag you want to inject your markup in, and then you tell it what to inject.


Throw the li3_injector folder into your app/libraries directory, then add the following line to app/config/bootstrap/libraries.php


That's it.


To use the Injector class, first add the following line to the top of your php file (after namespace, before any class declarations)

use \li3_injector\extensions\Injector

Then Injector will be available to you. Here's an example of how to inject "hello world" into the head tag of a document:

$injector = new Injector(array("dom" => [Your_Markup_Here]));
$newMarkup = $injector->inject("head", "hello world");

Typically i need to inject a jQuery include into a page, so i made a method to do that:

$newMarkup = $injector->jQuery();

Finally, here is an example of how your plugin can inject a jQuery include on every single page using a filter (hurray for aop and not having to hack the core!), Do this in your plugin's config/bootstrap.php:

use \lithium\action\Dispatcher;
use \li3_injector\extensions\Injector;

Dispatcher::applyFilter('_call', function($self, $params, $chain) {
	$data = $chain->next($self, $params, $chain);

	if (isset($data->body)) {
		$injector = new Injector(array("dom" => $data->body[0]));
		$data->body[0] = $injector->jQuery();

	return $data;

That's it. Right now it's pretty basic. May add more to it later if it's useful.