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iex package

This package provides Elixir developers with the ability to run an Elixir IEx (REPL) session in an Atom window. It has only been tested on OS X and is unlikely to work properly (or at all) on other platforms.

iex Screenshot


apm install iex

It is highly recommended that you add the key bindings below. These can be customized as desired. They are not set by default to avoid conflicts with other packages.


Aside from typing directly in the IEx session, the plugin provides actions to improve workflow:

  • Reset the project, restarting the application and compiling any files that have changed since the last restart
  • Run all tests in the project
  • Run all tests in the currently open editor
  • Run the test in the open editor in which the cursor resides
  • Execute the currently selected text

These actions depend on mix, so they only work for mix generated projects and require a mix.exs file at the top level.

Key Bindings

Customizing Key Bindings:

  'cmd-alt-l': 'iex:open'
  'cmd-alt-l down': 'iex:open-split-down'
  'cmd-alt-l up': 'iex:open-split-up'
  'cmd-alt-l left': 'iex:open-split-left'
  'cmd-alt-l right': 'iex:open-split-right'
  'cmd-alt-e': 'iex:reset'
  'cmd-alt-a': 'iex:run-all-tests'
  'cmd-alt-p': 'iex:pretty-print'

  'cmd-alt-h': 'iex:help'
  'cmd-alt-o': 'iex:gotoDefinition'
  'cmd-alt-x': 'iex:run-tests'
  'cmd-alt-j': 'iex:run-test'
  'cmd-alt-b': 'iex:pipe'

Adding these will provide the following:

Key Bindings and Events

key binding event action
cmd + alt + l iex:open Opens new IEx in new tab pane
cmd + alt + l down iex:open-split-up Opens new IEx tab pane in up split
cmd + alt + l right iex:open-split-right Opens new IEx tab pane in right split
cmd + alt + l down iex:open-split-down Opens new IEx tab pane in down split
cmd + alt + l left iex:open-split-left Opens new IEx tab pane in left split
cmd + alt + e iex:reset Stops the application, compiles any changed files with mix, then restarts the application.
cmd + alt + a iex:run-all-tests Run all the test in the project
cmd + alt + x iex:run-tests Run all the tests in the active editor
cmd + alt + j iex:run-test Run the test in which the cursor lies
cmd + alt + h iex:help Print the docstring for the function or module under the cursor
cmd + alt + o iex:gotoDefinition Jump to the definition of the function or module under the cursor
cmd + alt + b iex:pipe Pipe the currently selected text to the REPL and execute it
cmd + alt + p iex:pretty-print Pretty print the last evaluated expression


The REPL defaults to using the same font family/size as Atom. Independent settings for the REPL will be available in the next release.


This package is originally based on the Term2 Atom package with heavy modifications. Feel free to submit bugs or issue pull requests.