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@@ -46,6 +46,7 @@ Users may or may not have any open windows on their screen. They can access this

- Start a new screen recording
- The tool will record the user's entire screen

- Video can be saved in multiple formats (.GIF, .MP4, .HEIC, .M4A, etc...)
- Edit an already existing video into a GIF

@@ -67,10 +68,10 @@ Upon opening the GIF Maker utility, users must click 'New' to begin. They will
- If the user clicks 'Open', the mini File Explorer window opens for the user to select a video.
- Once a video is selected, it appears in the GIF Maker, below the tool bar, for the user to edit.
- Saving

- Recorded videos can be saved in multiple video formats
- Users can further edit their videos and save them as GIFs

#### 3.1.3. GIF Editing Tools

- Add Text

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