The IndieWeb is a people-focused alternative to the "corporate web".

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  1. mention-client-php

    Client library for sending webmention and pingback notifications

    HTML 67 18

  2. indiewebify-me

    Tools to help you get the best out of your indieweb site

    CSS 78 17

  3. wiki

    Wiki backup and issue tracking for indieweb.org

    10 5

  4. wordpress-indieweb

    Helps you establish your IndieWeb identity by extending the user profile to provide rel-me and h-card fields. It also includes a bundled installer for a core set of IndieWeb-related plugins.

    PHP 45 14

  5. wordpress-indieauth

    IndieAuth for WordPress

    PHP 17 7

  6. wordpress-micropub

    A Micropub Endpoint plugin for WordPress

    PHP 31 9

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