A set of PHP functions for determining the canonical URL for a post, given a POSSEd copy
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A set of PHP functions for determining the canonical URL for a post, given a POSSEd copy. A partial implementation of the algorithm outlined at original-post-discovery.

A demo can be found on waterpigs.co.uk/services/original-post.


Install using Composer ./composer.phar require indieweb/original-post-discovery:dev-master.


require __DIR__ . '/vendor/autoload.php';

list($url, $err) = IndieWeb\discoverOriginalPost('https://twitter.com/BarnabyWalters/status/423465842148671488');
if ($err !== null) {
	// handle HTTP errors here

// do stuff (e.g. auto-fill in-reply-to form controls) with $url

Other functions

  • string $str = cleanString($str) cleans up a bunch of weird encoding and character issues which can occur, specifically converting non-breaking space codepoints into normal spaces to handle some Twitter.com bugs
  • string|null $url = originalPostUrlFromTwitter($html) is a pure function for parsing HTML from Twitter.com and looking in it for trailing URLs
  • string $str = stripHashtags($str) removes hashtags from a string
  • string|null $url = getTrailingUrl($str) finds parenthesised (text text. (http://example.com)) or ellipsis (text text… http://example.com) trailing URLs in a string
  • string|null $str = getUrlFromPermashortid($str) looks for a trailing permashortid ((cctld.me id)) and converts it into a URL (assumes HTTP)


A small PHPUnit test suite is provided — if making contributions please at least ensure that all the existing tests pass before/after your changes are made. If you could add new tests to cover the code you added that would be great too.

Version History

0.1.0 2014-01-20

  • Initial extraction from Taproot, readme and basic test suite