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A Ruby gem for sending Webmention and Pingback notifications.

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Key Features

  • Programatically crawls a given URL for mentioned URLs, performs endpoint discovery on mentioned URLs, and sends webmentions and/or pingbacks to mentioned URLs.
  • Provides a CLI for sending webmentions from the given URL to mentioned URLs within a parsed h-entry.

Getting Started

Before installing and using webmention-client-ruby, you'll want to have Ruby 2.4 (or newer) installed. It's recommended that you use a Ruby version managment tool like rbenv, chruby, or rvm.

webmention-client-ruby is developed using Ruby 2.4.4 and is additionally tested against Ruby 2.5.1 using Travis CI.


If you're using Bundler to manage gem dependencies, add webmention-client-ruby to your project's Gemfile:

source ''

gem 'webmention', '~> 0.1.6'

…and then run:

bundle install


To send webmentions to all URLs mentioned within an h-entry:

require 'webmention'

client ='')
sent_count = client.send_mentions

puts "Webmentions sent: #{sent_count}"

This example will crawl, parse its markup for an h-entry, perform endpoint discovery on mentioned URLs, and attempt to send webmentions and/or pingbacks to mentioned URLs.

To send a webmention from a source URL to a target URL:

require 'webmention'

source = '' # A post on your website
target = '' # A post on someone else's website

endpoint =

if endpoint
  Webmention::Client.send_mention(endpoint, source, target)

Command Line Interface

webmention-client-ruby also includes a command line program for manually sending webmentions and pingbacks from a given URL to all mentioned URLs.

$ webmention


webmention-client-ruby is written and maintained by Aaron Parecki (@aaronpk) and Nat Welch (@icco) with help from these additional contributors.

To learn more about Webmention, see and


webmention-client-ruby is freely available under the Apache License 2.0. See LICENSE for more details.