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### Notable changes
* Saves [access token response](https://tokens.indieauth.com/) in a post meta field `micropub_auth_response`.
* Bug fix for `post_date_gmt`
* Store timezone from published in arguments passed to micropub filter
* Correctly handle published times that are in a different timezone than the site.
* Set minimum version to PHP 5.3
* Adhere to WordPress Coding Standards
* Add `micropub_query` filter
* Support Nested Properties in Content Generation 
* Deprecate `MICROPUB_DRAFT_MODE` configuration option in favor of setting option
* Remove post content generation override in case of microformats2 capable theme or Post Kinds plugin installed
* Introduce `micropub_post_content` filter to which post content generation is attached so that a theme or plugin can modify/remove the post generation as needed