This is one way to very briefly introduce Clojure for programmers new to the language.
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This repo contains the material that I used when presenting Clojure for some colleagues at work. The time limit for my presentation was about 20-30 minutes, and that turned out to be quite a challengenging limitation for me. In that short time it's not possible to go deep, and many concepts will have to be left out entirely. So what should be kept and what should be left out?

The file examples.clj is intended to be used as a sort of agenda for such a presentation. It can either be printed on paper or kept on a separate screen during the presentation. You then type or copy the expressions from the file and evaluate them in your favorite REPL while explaining what's happening on the screen. One IDE/REPL that fits quite nicely for this purpose is Light Table because it allows you to evaluate expressions inline.

I hope someone finds this useful! :)