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Apogee CCD driver

Supported devices

Apogee Alta, AltaF, Ascent and Aspen cameras.

See for complete list.

This driver supports USB and Ethernet hot-plug (multiple devices).

Supported platforms

This driver works on Linux (Intel 32/64 bit) and MacOSX.


INDIGO Astronomy open-source license.

Apogee SDK is subject to the terms of the Mozilla Public License, v. 2.0


In case Apogee configuration files are not in the default location, INDIGO_FIRMWARE_BASE environment variable must be set to the correct path before starting indigo_server. The default INDIGO_FIRMWARE_BASE is: "/usr/local/etc/" and configuration files should be in: "$INDIGO_FIRMWARE_BASE/apogee"

indigo_server indigo_ccd_apogee

Status: Stable

Driver is developed and tested with:

  • Apogee Aspen-16M
  • Apogee AltaF-2000