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FLI CCD driver

Supported devices

All cameras by Finger Lakes Instrumentation.

This driver supports hot-plug (multiple devices).

Supported platforms

This driver depends on 3rd party library and is supported on Linux (Intel 32/64 bit and ARM v6+) and MacOS.


INDIGO Astronomy open-source license (3rd party library is open source).


indigo_server indigo_ccd_fli

Status: Stable

Driver is developed and tested with:

  • FLI PL9000


Up to version this driver requires Kernel Driver (Linux only)

This INDIGO driver up to version requires Linux kernel driver to work. The kernel driver is available for download here:

After kernel update one may need to execute:

sudo indigo-install-fliusb

In order to install the kernel driver for the new kernel.

Since version the driver uses libusb.

Since version the kernel driver is not required any more as it uses libusb.

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