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QHY CCD and Filter Wheel driver

Supported devices

All QHY cameras and filter wheels plugged in to the camera.

This driver doesn't supports hot-plug. All devices should be connected at driver initialisation.

Supported platforms

This driver depends on 3rd party library and is supported on Linux (Intel 32/64 bit and ARM v6+) and MacOS.


INDIGO Astronomy open-source license (3rd party library is closed source).


indigo_server indigo_ccd_qhy

Status: Unstable

Driver is developed and tested with:

  • QHY 5
  • QHY 5L-II
  • QHY 6
  • QHY 8 Pro
  • QHY 5III 178
  • QHY 9M & CFW



Firmware path (MacOS only)

On MacOS the firmware of the cameras is expected to be in "/usr/local/lib/qhy/firmware". If it is on other location INDIGO_FIRMWARE_BASE environment variable should be set to point to that location (without "firmware"). For example: if the firmware location is "/usr/local/firmware/" one should set INDIGO_FIRMWARE_BASE="/usr/local/"

Underlaying SDK is not stable

Due to instability in the vendor provided SDK problems on all platforms should be expected. Therefore it is advised to use this driver with -i option like this:

indigo_server -i indigo_ccd_qhy

This will execute the driver in a separate process and in case of a driver crash the server will not be affected. This will come at the cost of substantially reduced performance.