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Script collection for automatic installation of the portal and the developer environment
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Script collection for automatic installation of the FutureGateway portal and its development environment. All setup files at this level are meant to support the following platforms

  • MacOSX 10.11; it requires brew
  • EL6/7 Tested with CentOS6
  • Debian Tested with Ubuntu

The platform should be automatically identified while the script runs. Each setup file has the form setup_*, where * refers to a specific component and some of them require to be executed as root or by sudo. Please notice that OS specific intallation scripts are collected inside dedicated directories.


Each script has several configuration options at the top of the script. These values can be overridden specifying values in script. Once configured values in setup script or at the top of the script, just execute the script with ./setup_<component>.

Script structure

There are two kind of installation scripts; hi-level and low-level. Hi level are mentioned to cover a specific OS/Linux distro; low level scripts are used by hi-level scripts. The principal aim of hi-level scripts is to deal with mandatory packages and prepare the right configuration for low level scripts; see file: ''.

There is no priority among low level setup scripts; except for that must be the 1st to be executed. However the suggested priority is:

  1. - The main script, it takes care of Tomcat, Liferay and its SDK (optional), Other Development tools (ant, maven).
  2. - This script configure the environment to host JSAGA, including binariesm, libraries and taking care of the required UnlimitedJCEPolicy accordingly to the current JAVA version
  3. - This installs the Grid and Cloud Engine component (if requested)
  4. - This is in charge to prepare the GSI environment (VOMS included) and the OCCI CLI interface. It may use the fed cloud installation or a manual setup (not really suggested, but necessary for CentOS7).
  5. - For OSes supporting the /etc/init.d service support this installs the service control script

All setup scripts have the same structure. Each installation step is managed by a dedicated bash function and each function can execute only once even running the setup script more times. This protection method is managed by a setup file named: '.fgSetup'. The sequence of these function is managed by the scrip body at the bottom of the file in the form of an and-chain:

script_function_1 && script_function_2 && ... && script_function_n

So that if one of the function fails the script terminates giving the opportunity to fix the issue and restart the installation.

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