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Tools to make working with Gerrit code review easier
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gerrit Tools

A few scripts to make code review via Gerrit Code Review easier for developers.


This is a script that allows you to cherry-pick a particular patch from Gerrit, so that it can be reviewed easily. It comes with Gerrit, but is included here because Gerrit does not yet contain support for the --latest option.


Gerrit-setup will attempt to convert a repository cloned from github to use Gerrit as the origin instead.


Git-review is a wrapper script to make creating, reviewing, and approving Gerrit changes very simple. In the simplest case, you can have an entire Git workflow that looks like this for people creating a new changeset:

git review push

And looks like this for people reviewing someone else's changeset:

git review 123
rake && git review approve
git review reset

You may find it helpful to alias gr to git review.


Feel free to fork and send a pull request if you think you've improved anything.

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