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18 growlnotify.1 100644 → 100755
@@ -14,16 +14,14 @@
.Op Fl p Ar priority
.Op Fl H Ar host
.Op Fl P Ar password
-.Op Fl -port Ar port
.Op Fl n Ar name
.Op Fl A Ar method
-.Op Fl -progress Ar value
.Op Fl m Ar message
.Op Fl t
.Op Ar title
.Sh DESCRIPTION \" Section Header - required - don't modify
-posts a distributed notification to Growl.
+posts a notification using GNTP to Growl, or other GNTP enabled listeners, such as Growl for Windows.
The options are as follows:
.Bl -tag -width Fl
@@ -92,17 +90,6 @@ The argument is the host to send the notification to.
.It Fl P , Fl -password
Sets the password to be used for the remote notification.
This is necessary if the remote host requires a password for remote notifications.
-.It Fl u , Fl -udp
-Sends the remote notification with UDP instead of Distributed Objects.
-.It Fl -port
-Sets the port number to use for UDP notifications.
-.It Fl A , Fl -auth
-Specify digest algorithm for UDP authentication.
-Either MD5 [Default], SHA256 or NONE.
-.It Fl c , Fl -crypt
-Encrypt UDP notifications. By default, UDP notifications are sent unencrypted.
-.It Fl -progress
-Set a progress value for this notification.
@@ -143,3 +130,6 @@ The same as the previous one but suitable for embedding in a script (such as a S
.Xr stdin 4
.Sh HISTORY \" Document history if command behaves in a unique manner
First appeared as an example for Growl 0.5.
+GrowlNotify 1.3 changed behavior significantly. All the old methods (UDP, NSDNC, etc) of talking to Growl have been removed, replaced with GNTP (Growl Network Transport Protocol).
+Options relating directly to the old UDP system have been removed.
+Progress option removed.

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