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-Heroku buildpack: Middleman
+# Deprecated
-This is a [Heroku buildpack]( for [Middleman]( apps. It uses [Bundler]( for dependency management.
- $ git push heroku master
-To use this buildpack, fork it on Github. Push up changes to your fork, then create a test app with `--buildpack <your-github-url>` and push to it.
-Here's the basic flow of how the buildpack works:
-Ruby (Gemfile and Gemfile.lock is detected)
-* runs Bundler
-* installs binaries
- * installs node if the gem execjs is detected
-* runs `rake assets:precompile` if the rake task is detected
-Rack ( is detected)
-* everything from Ruby
-* sets RACK_ENV=production
-* runs `middleman build` to build the static version of your site
-* serves your static site via Rack::Static
+Please don't use this buildpack. It's not necessary. See [middleman-heroku-static-app]( for an example application that's ready to deploy to Heroku using the default Ruby buildpack.
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