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== 0.7.1 / 2010-04-26
* Minor enhancements
* Move verbose selenium output that can clutter build output behind setting
* Added application_port_for_selenium to webrat configuration. The use case is when you want to test through a web server sitting in front of your application server. (Luke Melia)
* New webrat configuration option selenium_firefox_profile which is passed to selenium server
* Allow submit_form to select by CSS too (Damian Janowski)
* Bug fixes
* Fix that current_url wasn't reflecting redirects in Mechanize [#332] (Emrys Ingersoll)
* Fix attach_file with nested params [#341] (Álvaro Gil)
* Fix that a 304 was considered a redirect (Larry Marburger)
* Fix selection of LABEL elements in Selenium mode under IE [#317] (Damian Janowski, Noah Davis)
* Fix have_xpath not matching negative expectation in the block [#182] (Luismi Cavallé)
== 0.7.0 / 2010-01-17
* Major enhancements
* Upgrade bundled Selenium server JAR to 2.0a1 (Henry Poydar and Jake Scruggs)
* Minor enhancements
* Save and open page directory specified via configuration, defaults to tmp dir otherwise current dir (Noah Davis)
* Bug fixes
* Added missing dependency "rack-test" to gemspec (LH #339) (Noah Davis)
* Removed save_and_open_page's rewriting of static asset paths before saving (was not actually working) (Noah Davis)
* Make "should contain" ignore extra whitespace when doing string comparisons (Noah Davis)
* Make selenium matchers handle negative match more consistently with positive match (Luke Melia)
== 0.6.0 / 2009-11-28
REMOVED: Support for Hpricot + REXML as an alternative to Nokogiri.
Hpricot and REXML were difficult to work with, REXML is terribly slow,
and Nokogiri is recommended even by the author of Hpricot (_why). Now
that Nokogiri works on JRuby, Webrat is going to use it as its sole
XML backend.
CHANGED: Due to a reorganization, if you're currently requiring "webrat/rspec-rails",
please change your code to require "webrat/integrations/rspec-rails"
* Minor enhancements
* Support Rails 2.3.4 JavaScript form authenticity tokens in simulated mode (Jonathan Weiss)
* When a timeout occurs in wait_for, include the HTML from Selenium in the exception
* Update the Merb support to be based directly on Rack (Simon Rozet)
* Support multiple select fields (Kieran P)
* When locating select options, always match against text, not HTML
* Bug fixes
* Remove newlines from HTTP Basic authentication credentials (Michael Klett)
* Require nokogiri form rspec-rails.rb (David Chelimsky)
* Fix logger issue when running inside Cucumber (Damian Janowski)
* Fix various issues related to submitting values with HTML entities (Kieran P)
* Call #to_i on the :count option in matchers (Michael Christenson II)
* Fix bug where multiline param values were getting truncated
== 0.5.3 / 2009-08-27
* Minor enhancements
* Remove unnecessary requires which are to the wrong paths on Edge Rails
== 0.5.1 / 2009-08-18
* Minor enhancements
* Base Webrat::MIME on Rack::Mime (Simon Rozet)
* Support file uploads in Rack mode (Simon Rozet)
* Bug fixes
* Fix bug in Webrat::Methods preventing Selenium mode from working [#277]
== 0.5.0 / 2009-08-12
* Major enhancements
* Depreacate :rack_test and :sinatra in favor of :rack, which uses Rack::Test (Simon Rozet)
* Minor enhancements
* Don't require rubygems at runtime (Simon Rozet)
== 0.4.5 / 2009-08-10
* Major enhancements
* Ruby 1.9 compatibility (Michael Fellinger, Jakub Kuźma)
* Improve performance (~2x) on JRuby by supporting Nokogiri
* Added support for external app servers in selenium mode (basically don't start one) (Mike Gaffney)
* Added support for uploading files for Merb (Ryan Carver)
* Minor enhancements
* Upgrade to selenium-client to 1.2.16 (Brian Landau)
* Upgrade selenium-server.jar to 1.0.1 (Brian Landau)
* Make redirect detection work in the face of rational maths (like when ruby-units is active) (Piers Cawley)
* Use Launchy to handle opening pages in the browser with cross-platform compatibility (Bryan Helmkamp)
* Added support for field_labeled_locators ending in non word characters
lh 148 (Zach Dennis)
* Filled in tests on click link lh 195 (diabolo)
* Added current_url to selenium session lh 215 (Luke Amdor)
* Added silence spec to selenium lh 238 (Martin Gamsjaeger aka snusnu)
* Added ability to configure the browser startup timeout for selenium lh 242 (Mike Gaffney, Mark Dodwell)
* Added delegation for field_named lh194 (pivotal labs)
* Added fix to keep from escaping field values in mechanize mode lh256 (jish)
* Adding fixes for click button/link and made the integration specs pass for the same in selenium lh254 (Ldiehl, Matthias Marschall)
* Adding clicking link by id in selenium mode lh221 (larrytheliquid)
* Adding fix for have_selector and have_xpath in descendent blocks lh234 (Thomas Jack)
* Adding fix for fields with labels with special characters (Thomas Jack, Mike Gaffney, Bryan Hemlkamp)
* Deprecated current_page lh50 (Mike Gaffney)
* Fixed issue with redirects and multiple hosts lh168 (Mutwin Kraus)
* Bug fixes
* Wait for application servers socket on instead of the application_address
* Translate CSS and image paths with single quotes in save_and_open_page (Erin Staniland)
== 0.4.4 / 2009-04-06
* Major enhancements
* Make selenium process management code more robust and informative
* Minor enhancements
* Add support for Rails javascript post links (Mark Menard)
* Upgrade selenium-client dependency to 1.2.14, and update for new waiting
API (Balint Erdi)
* Change default app environment from "selenium" to "test"
* Bug fixes
* Don't create a new instance of WWW::Mechanize for each request
(Mark Menard)
* Select fields with duplicate selected options sent an incorrect value (Noah Davis)
== 0.4.3 / 2009-03-17
* Minor enhancements
* Support Rails 2.3. Use Rack::Utils to parse params (Matthew Ford)
* Support for "modular" Sinatra app style (Simon Rozet)
* Initial Merb and Sinatra compatibility for Selenium mode (Corey Donohoe)
* When faced with a label with no for attribute, that contains a hidden field
and another field, as can be the case in Rails 2.3's checkbox view,
webrat now locates the non-hidden field. (Luke Melia)
* Add application_framework config for Selenium mode to determine how to
start and stop the app server (Corey Donohoe)
* Bug fixes
* Fix following of absolute redirect URL in Sinatra (Simon Rozet)
== 0.4.2 / 2009-02-24
* Major enhancements
* Significant improvements to have_selector. It now supports specifying
attributes in a hash and :count and :content options. See
have_selector_spec.rb for more.
* Add the same functionality mentioned above to have_xpath
* Minor enhancements
* Squeeze extra whitespace out of failures messages from contain
* Detect infinite redirects and raise a Webrat::InfiniteRedirectError
(Daniel Lucraft)
* Bug fixes
* Properly quote single and double quotes strings in XPath
* Fix warning caused by Nokogiri deprecating CSS::Parser.parse
(Aaron Patterson)
* Accept do/end blocks in matchers. [#157] (Peter Jaros)
* Quote --chdir option to mongrel_rails to support RAILS_ROOTs with spaces
(T.J. VanSlyke)
== 0.4.1 / 2009-01-31
* Minor enhancements
* Support Sinatra 0.9 (Harry Vangberg)
* Update query param parsing to work with latest Edge Rails
* Added #redirected_to method to easily check where an external redirect was
redirected to (Adam Greene)
* Recognize input tags with type button (Lena Herrmann)
* Add uncheck method to Selenium mode (Lee Bankewitz)
* Bug fixes
* Make requests to a Rails app using a full URL instead of a relative path. This change
is helpful for Rails apps that use subdomains. (John Hwang and Zach Dennis)
* Follow redirects that are on the same domain but a different subdomain
(Adam Greene)
* rescue from Webrat::TimeoutError in selenium matchers which allows NegativeMatchers
to behave correctly (Noah Davis)
* Switch to using instead of .check when checking a checkbox
(Noah Davis)
* Create tmp/pids directory if directory does not exist. (Amos King and Mike Gaffney)
* Setup deprecated writers for the selenium_environment= and selenium_port= config
* Ensure the previous pages params aren't passed through redirect (Daniel Lucraft and
Bryan Helmkamp)
* Labels should only search for fields within the current scope (Kyle Hargraves)
== 0.4.0 / 2009-01-18
* _IMPORTANT_ Breaking change:
* Removed init.rb auto-require of webrat/rails
* Removed auto-require of webrat/rails when requiring webrat when RAILS_ENV is
In your env.rb or test_helper.rb file, ensure you have something like:
require "webrat"
Webrat.configure do |config|
config.mode = :rails
* Major enhancements
* Major improvements to Webrat::Selenium (Many contributors listed here)
* Add assert_* methods for using Webrat's matchers w/o RSpec (Mike Gaffney, Amos King)
* Added Webrat.configure method for Webrat configuration [#33] (Mike Gaffney)
* Added select_time, select_date, and select_datetime to API. [#36] (Ben Mabey)
* Use Hpricot and REXML when not parsing with Nokogiri (on JRuby, for example)
* Minor enhancements
* Added Selenium grid configuration and support. (Amos King && Cornel Borcean)
* Support passing an ActiveRecord model to #within when in Rails mode [#68] (Luke Melia)
* Make assert_* matchers in rails mode increment the assertions count [#123] (Amos King)
* Added assert_* matchers to selenium matchers [#110] (Amos King)
* Added assert_contain, assert_not_contain [#86] (Mike Gaffney, Amos King)
* Add configuration options for the Selenium environment and port (Kieran Pilkington)
* Maximize the browser window after initializing Selenium (Luke Melia)
* Better inspect output for Webrat elements
* Sets the Webrat mode with Configuration#mode= in the config block [#85] (Mike Gaffney)
* Detect if the document is XML or HTML using the Content-Type when in Rails mode
* Expose #selenium method for direct access to Selenium client
* Check nokogiri gem version before requiring nokogiri
* Include the Selenium server jar file in the gem (Bryan Helmkamp, Ben Schwarz)
* Added key_down, key_up and fire_event to Selenium session (Fernando Garcia)
* Fix outputing README during Rails plugin install (Fernando Garcia)
* Strip newlines when matching label text (Miha Filej)
* Add simple support for accessing Webrat's matchers from RSpec by requiring
"webrat/rspec-rails" (David Chelimsky)
* Support save_and_open_page in Windows and Cygwin (Mike Gaffney)
* Added RadioField#checked? to indicated whether or not a radio button is checked
(Luke Melia)
* Add spec:jruby rake task for running Webrat's spec suite with JRuby
* Added field_by_xpath to locate a Webrat::Field using arbitrary XPath expressions
* Helpful error message for missing option values [#40] (Ben Mabey)
* Add set_hidden_field method (Noah Davis, Bryan Helmkamp)
* Add submit_form method for submitting a form by ID (Noah Davis, Bryan Helmkamp)
* Switch to using Nokogiri.parse for simple XML/XHTML autodetection [#66]
* Removed Webrat.root method, which seemed to be unused
* Added automatic starting and stopping of the Selenium server and a Mongrel Rails
app server when using webrat/selenium
* Switch to using selenium-client gem and vendor selenium-server.jar (Luke Melia)
* Added gemspec so the gem builds on GitHub now
* Deprecate old style methods (fills_in is deprecated in favor of fill_in, etc.)
* Improvements to the README and RDoc (Bryan Helmkamp, Mike Gaffney)
* Allow clicking links by id and id regexp (Mike Gaffney)
* Raise Webrat::DisabledFieldError when attempting to manipulate a disabled field
* Raise Webrat::NotFoundErrors when an element is not found
* Raise Webrat::PageLoadError when a failure occurs so that application exceptions
can be more accurately tested (Ryan Briones)
* Helpful error message for missing option in select box. [#40] (Ben Mabey)
* Extracted save_and_open page to make it usable in Selenium mode (Luke Melia)
* Added save_and_open_screengrab for Selenium mode (Luke Melia)
* Bug fixes
* field_labeled should disregard labels without matching fields (Kyle Hargraves)
* Fixed bug where Scope was creating a new DOM rather than re-using the existing DOM.
[#105] (Zach Dennis)
* Support Rails > v2.2 by using ActionController::RequestParser for param parsing [#107]
(Marcello Nuccio)
* Raise a Webrat::NotFoundError if the scope passed to #within doesn't exist [#90]
* Match against link _text_ which decodes character references.
Useful for multibyte languages like Japanese (
* Fix params hash generation for Mechanize when Merb is not defined [#62]
* Expose some Webrat methods that were missing from the Webrat::Methods module
(Low Chin Chau)
* Allow mechanize session to pass through basic auth (Ryan Briones)
* Improvements to the Mechanize support (Jeremy Burks)
* Fix following fully qualified local links (Lawrence Pit)
* Fixed bug where Webrat would lose complex parameters (like foo[bar[baz]][])
in Merb due to not correctly merging Mashes. (Drew Colthorp)
* Extend Rails' ActionController::IntegrationTest instead of
ActionController::Integration::Session (Fixes using Webrat's #select method and
avoids usage of method_missing)
* Ensure that Webrat::MechanizeSession.request_page always uses an absolute
URL. (Graham Ashton)
* Strip anchor tags from URIs before passing to Rails integration session
(Noah Davis)
* Treat text and regexp when matching Selenium buttons (Ross Kaffenberger)
* Allow SeleniumSession's click_button to be called without an argument without
blowing up (Luke Melia)
== 0.3.4 / 2008-12-29
* 1 Minor enhancement
* Fix compatibility with Nokogiri 1.1.0 on JRuby
* 1 Bug fix
* Correct version for Nokogiri dependency in gem
== 0.3.3 / 2008-12-28
* 1 Minor enhancement
* Fix compatibility with Nokogiri 1.1.0 on MRI
== 0.3.2 / 2008-11-08
* 1 Minor enhancement
* Fixes behavior or have_tag when a block is passed. It passes the matched node(s)
to the block for further specs again. (Carl Lerche)
== 0.3.1 / 2008-11-07
* 1 Minor enhancement
* Use @_webrat_session instance variable instead of @session for Merb integration
to avoid collisions
== 0.3.0 / 2008-11-07
* 4 Major enhancements
* Added Merb support (Gwyn Morfey, Jeremy Burks, Rob Kaufman, Yehuda Katz)
* Added experimental Selenium support (Luke Melia)
* Add have_selector, have_xpath, have_tag and contain matchers from Merb
* Switch from Hpricot to Nokogiri for XML parsing (thanks, Aaron Patterson)
* 37 Minor enhancements
* Added #within for manipulating the current page within a selector scope
* Add support for file fields via #attaches_file method (Rails only at the moment)
(Kyle Hargraves)
* Add support for simulating SSL requests (Luke Melia)
* Added #basic_auth(user, pass) to support HTTP Basic Auth (Aslak Hellesøy)
* Added support for Sinatra and Rack (Aslak Hellesøy)
* Rename visits to visit, fills_in to fill_in, etc.
* Add #field_labeled for looking up form fields by label (David Chelimsky)
* Add #field_named and #field_with_id locators
* Don't depend on hoe anymore
* Return responses after sending requests
* Allow clicking links and buttons by a regular expression in Selenium (Luke Melia)
* Allow clicking links by a regular expression
* Add #http_accept for including MIME type HTTP "Accept" headers (Ryan Briones)
* Add #header to support inclusion of custom HTTP headers (Ryan Briones)
* Consider response codes 200-499 as successful enough to not raise a Webrat error
(David Leal)
* Add support for clicking areas of an image map (Alex Lang)
* Support relative links, including href="?foo=bar" (Kyle Hargraves)
* Separated Rails-specific code from the Webrat core to make it easier to use
Webrat with other environments
* Alias visits as visit, clicks_link as click_link, etc. for better readability
* Raise error when trying to interact with a disabled form element (Luke Melia)
* Don't send disabled form elements to the server (Nicholas A. Evans)
* Display response body when the page load is not successful (David Leal)
* CGI escape form field values (Miha Filej)
* Add support for redirect_to :back by sending HTTP_REFERER headers
(Hendrik Volkmer)
* Expose current DOM (as an Hpricot object) as #current_dom
* Add support for disabling JavaScript when clicking a link to enable testing of
both JS and non-JS implementations (Luke Melia and Bryan Helmkamp)
* Support &nbsp's as spaces in matching link text (Luke Melia)
* Support button elements (Nick Sieger)
* Support matching select options by regexp (Kyle Hargraves)
* save_and_open_page rewrites css and image references to provide a friendlier
debugging experience (Luke Melia)
* Added support for matching alt attributes in fields (primarly for clicks_button)
(Aaron Quint)
* Support '&' in submitted values (Kyle Hargraves)
* Support clicking links by title (Dan Barry)
* Added missing spec for clicking image buttons (Tim Harper)
* Switched tests to specs, and from Mocha to RSpec's mocking library
* Add support to click_button for IDs (Gwyn Morfey)
* Miscellaneous core refactorings (Jan Suchal)
* 8 Bug fixes
* Fix initialization of WWW::Mechanize (Derek Kastner)
* Don't open blank pages in the browser (Kyle Hargraves)
* Support radio buttons with multiple labels (Dan Barry)
* Fix load order bug on some platforms (Ismael Celis)
* Fix bug with empty select list option (Kyle Hargraves)
* Fix regression of not sending default values in password fields
* Don't explode if encountering inputs with no type attribute (assume text)
* Fix bug where choosing a radio button in a series with a default submitted the
incorrect field value (Luke Melia)
== 0.2.0 / 2008-04-04
* 4 Major enhancements
* Add save_and_open_page to aid in debugging
* Add radio button support via #chooses method
* Add basic support for Rails-generated JavaScript link tags
* Add support for checkboxes (Patches from Kyle Hargraves and Jarkko Laine)
* Add support for textarea fields (Sacha Schlegel)
* 8 Minor enhancements
* Added reloads method to reload the page (Kamal Fariz Mahyuddi)
* Prevent making a request if clicking on local anchor link (Kamal Fariz Mahyuddi)
* Added clicks_link_within(selector, link_text), allowing restricting link search
to within a given css selector (Luke Melia)
* Allow specifying the input name/label when doing a select (David Chelimsky)
* Raise a specific exception if the developer tries to manipulate form elements
before loading a page (James Deville)
* Add support for alternate POST, PUT and DELETE link clicking (Kyle Hargraves)
* Change clicks_link to find the shortest matching link (Luke Melia)
* Improve matching for labels in potentially ambiguous cases
* 7 Bug fixes
* Fix incorrect serializing of collection inputs, i.e. name contains []
(Kamal Fariz Mahyuddi)
* Serialize empty text field values just like browsers (Kamal Fariz Mahyuddi)
* Quick fix to avoid @dom not initialized warnings (Kamal Fariz Mahyuddi)
* Docfix: bad reference to #select method in README (Luke Melia)
* Ensure Rails-style checkboxes work properly (checkboxes followed by a hidden
input with the same name)
* Fix Edge Rails (a.k.a. 2.0 RC) compatibility (David Chelimsky)
* Support param hashes nested more than one level (David Chelimsky)
== 0.1.0 / 2007-11-28
* 1 major enhancement
* Birthday!