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JQuery plugin to make animated scrolling easy to setup and use.
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#Scroll To an easy way to scroll to an anchor

See it in action.

##Installation You can install Scroll-To through bower by running the following command in terminal.

$ bower install Scroll-To

##HTML setup

You don't have to change how you setup your HTML at all. Simply set the href the same way you normally would. This means everything will still work even if JavaScript is disabled in the browser.

<a href="#anchorPoint" id="selectorID">Click Here</a>


The JQuery code is pretty straight forward as well.


##Optional Parameters

  • offset - this allows you to offset the stop position plus or minus in pixels. The default is 0.
  • speed - controls the speed of the scrolling, and supports any viable Jquery animation speed (i.e. 'fast' or 5000). The default is 'slow'.
  • override - this will allow you to override the default anchor scroll to position. The default is null.
  • easing - if you include JQuery UI, you can use their easing equations like the following block of code.
	easing: 'easeOutBounce'



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