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Your Foursquare History mapped...

v2.0 © 2011 by David Schmidt,
Email me with questions or any inquiries:

Three easy steps

Requires PHP 5 on your web server.

Three easy steps!

Step 1
Edit config.php, and add your personal Foursquare RSS feed.

You'll find your feed at

The URL should look like this:

Step 2
Save config.php and upload it together with the other files in any web folder on your webserver. Keep in mind that the script requires PHP 5. Check with your ISP's documentation if you're not certain to meet the requirements.

Step 3
Call the script from your web browser. Share it with your friends.

Let me know

If you like, send me a link of your page to my above email address. I might compile a list of people using the tool at some point and link to you.

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