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@@ -82,23 +82,13 @@ You can tell INAppStoreWindow to hide when entering fullscreen mode, and reappea
The left padding of the traffic lights can be adjusted with `trafficLightButtonsLeftMargin` and the right padding of the fullscreen button can be adjusted with `fullScreenButtonRightMargin`.
-### Hiding the baseline(divider line between the titlebar and the content view)
+### Hiding the baseline (divider line between the titlebar and the content view)
The baseline divider can be hidden by setting `showsBaselineSeparator` to `NO`, the default value is `YES`.
-## Who am I?
+## Authors
-I'm Indragie Karunaratne, a 16 year old Mac OS X and iOS Developer from Edmonton AB, Canada. Visit [my website]( to check out my work, or to get in touch with me.
-## Special Thanks To
-- Alex Rozanski ([@Perspx](
-- David Keegan ([@kgn](
-- Victor Pimentel ([@victorpimentel](
-- Wade Cosgrove ([@wadeco](
-- Levi Nunnink ([@levinunnink](
-- Georg C. Brückmann ([@gcbrueckmann](
-- nonamelive ([@nonamelive](
+INAppStoreWindow is maintained by [Indragie Karunaratne]( and [David Keegan]( Special thanks to [everyone else]( who contributed various fixes and improvements to the code.
## Licensing

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