A simple tool to Protect yourself from WannaCry Ransomware
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WannaCry Ransomware is spreading like wild fire. It uses vulnerability in Microsoft's SMB ( which is turned on by default ).

On 13th may 2017 , security researcher going with the handle @malwaretech and Darien Huss found a 'kill-switch' which paused the ransomware. Basically the ransomware opens a unregistered domain and if fail to open then the system is infected. So @malwaretech registered the domain which stopped the ransomware.

Soon Cyber criminals around the world DDOSed it to take it down so that the ransomware can continue affecting.

Also the 'kill-switch' won't work if :

  • System is not connected to internet
  • If the 'kill-switch' domain is down
  • If it is blocked by the isp or firewall

The solution

WannaSmile is a simple program which can solve the problem

It can do the following :

  • It will disable SMB in your system ( which is enabled by default )
  • ( OnlineFix ) It will edit your host file and add google's IP to the 'kill-switch' ( which means even if the site goes down you wont be affected )
  • ( OfflineFix ) It will create a lightweight local web server and add localhost to 'Kill-switch'


  • Use the OnlineFix if you are always connected to the internet
  • Use the OfflineFix if you are not connected to the internet.