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SBT YUI Compressor Plugin

sbt-yui-compressor is an SBT plugin for YUI Compressor to minify CSS and JavaScript.


sbt-yui-compressor requires SBT version 0.11.2 or newer.


Include pre-compiled binary form of the plugin in your plugin definition list by adding the following in project/plugin.sbt (per project) or ~/.sbt/plugins/plugin.sbt (global):

// Add SBT plugin repository to the list of resolvers (not necessary for SBT 0.12 onwards)
resolvers += Resolver.url("sbt-plugin-releases", url(""))(Resolver.ivyStylePatterns)
addSbtPlugin("in.drajit.sbt" % "sbt-yui-compressor" % "0.2.0")

Alternately, include source form of the plugin in your plugin definition list by pointing to sbt-yui-compressor's GitHub repository url as dependency in project/project/plugin.scala:

import sbt._

object PluginDef extends Build {
  lazy val root = Project("plugins", file(".")) dependsOn(yuiPlugin)
  lazy val yuiPlugin = uri("git://")


Once installed, add the following to your light build definition (build.sbt) and configure with the default yuiSettings:

seq(yuiSettings: _*)

Alternately, if you are using the full build definition (project/build.scala), you can configure the plugin as so:

import sbt._

object BuildDef extends Build {
  lazy val myproject = Project("myproject", file(".")) settings(yuiCompressor.Plugin.yuiSettings: _*)

From here onwards, yuiCssCompressor and yuiJsCompressor are registered with the list of resourceGenerators. By default, they would minify CSS files and JavaScript files respectively available under unmanagedResourceDirectories (usually, src/main/resources by default).

Settings and Tasks

  • yui-min-suffix: Suffix of the base of the minified files.

    • Default value: "-min".

    • Alternatives:

      // Use suffix "-minified"
      YuiCompressorKeys.minSuffix := "-minified"
  • yui-options: Options passed to YUI Compressor as sequence of Strings. This is follows the convention of setting up scalacOptions in SBT. See YUI Compressor documentation for the full set of options available. The relevant options are conveniently available wrapped in yuiCompressor.Opts (see src/main/scala/Opts.scala).

    • Default value: Nil

    • Alternatives:

      // Insert a line break after column number 100 (for both CSS and JS files)
      YuiCompressorKeys.options ++= yuiCompressor.Opts.lineBreak(100)
      // Do not obfuscate JS files, just minify them
      YuiCompressorKeys.options in YuiCompressorKeys.jsCompressor += yuiCompressor.Opts.js.nomunge
  • include-filter: Filter for files to to be considered for compression.

    • Default value: ".css" for CssCompressor, "*.js" for JsCompressor

    • Alternatives:

      // Consider "*.javascript" files for compression as well in "Compile" scope
      includeFilter in (Compile, YuiCompressorKeys.jsResources) := "*.js" | "*.javascript"
      // Consider "*.javascript" files for compression as well in "Test" scope
      includeFilter in (Test, YuiCompressorKeys.jsResources) := "*.js" | "*.javascript"
  • exclude-filter: Filter for files to be excluded from compression.

    • Default value: excludeFilter in unmanagedResources
  • unmanaged-resource-directories: Source directories of CSS and JS files to be cosidered.

    • Default value: unmanagedResourceDirectories (sourceDirectory / "resources")

    • Alternatives:

      // Consider "src/main/js" in addition to "src/main/resources" directory in "Compile" scope
      unmanagedResourceDirectories in (Compile, YuiCompressorKeys.jsResources) <+= sourceDirectory / "js"
  • resource-managed: Destination directory of the minified CSS and JS files.

    • Default value: resourceManaged (crossTarget / "resource_managed")

    • Alternatives:

      // Keep the minified JS files in "target/scala_{scala.version}/resource_managed_js" instead in "Test" scope
      resourceManaged in (Test, YuiCompressorKeys.jsCompressor) <<= crossTarget / "resource_managed_js"
  • yui-css-compressor: CSS compressor task added to resourceGenerators task-list.

  • yui-js-compressor: JavaScript compressor task added to resourceGenerators task-list.


This software is distributed under Apache License, Version 2.0.


Jon Hoffman created the original SBT plugin (for 0.7) which is still available. That plugin, as well as this one, are in turn influenced by David Bernard's Maven plugin.