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Koalitsioonilepe 2015 - 2016 RE & SDE & IRL.txt
Reformierakond & IRL & SDE 2007.txt
Reformierakond & IRL 2011.txt
Reformierakond & Keskerakond & Rahvaliit 2005.txt
Reformierakond & Keskerakond 2002.txt
Reformierakond, Isamaaliit ja Mõõdukad 1999-2002.txt
Res Publica, Eesti Reformierakonna ja Rahvaliidu koosmeele koalitsioon 2003.txt
valitsused 1999-2017.txt

This project was developed during 12h at Demokratiahack.

We took coalition agreements from Estonian parliament and gave our try to formalise the objectives set with keywords and logical operators and map given promises to actual discussions in parliament. The goal was to display the results as different progress bars based on occurrences of words in various parliamentary contexts. During hackathon we:

  • Indexed the parliamentary discussions for search and language analysis;
  • Proposed a format to describe objectives presented in coalition agreements;
  • Tried out different ways to map promises to discussions (including law proposals, inquiries by opposition, press conferences etc).

Read more at:

We got our data from: