Python Django indoor backend API for indoor maps, orientation and wayfinding
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indrz open source indoor maps, routing and data API

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If you want detailed instructions on how to build a demo indoor routing application check out this book (shameless self plug) Python Geospatial Analysis Cookbook The book source code is on Github digital wayfinding indoors, maps, orientation and indoor routing for buildings large or small, app or webpage.


Browserstack is awesome and they provide the great service to test if everythings works in the wild browser world, check them out at

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indrz is under GNU General Public License v3.0. The name "indrz" is not allowed to be used by third parties and is a trademark. Other than that you can do what you want accordingly


You can find our documentation project here [indrz Docs] ( in the folder content

Our documentation structure and build environment is built upon the [mapbox docbox] ( nodejs static documentation generator. The main content is found under the (content) folder.

[indrz Installation details] (

[indrz introduction to API] (

[indrz Directions API] (

[indrz Buildings API] (

indrz Working with GeoData

Quick start installation for developers

Create indrz Ubuntu system user

adduser indrz
usermod --home /opt/indrz -m indrz #-m moves files too
su indrz

if you get a python error on logging into the new user, run:

dpkg-reconfigure virtualenvwrapper

checkout indrz from github

cd ~
git clone indrz
cd indrz
git checkout master

Create postgres user

sudo -u postgres createuser indrz # answer no, no, no
sudo -u postgres createdb indrz -O indrz

Create virtualenv with python 3.4

cd indrz
mkvirtualenv -p /usr/bin/python3.4 indrz

install the requirements using pip. If you have problems, make sure you have the right version of pip installed you may need to use pip3

pip install -r requirements/local.txt

load the demo campus, building, space data

python migrate --noinput
python loaddata initial_ltspacetype_data
python loaddata initial_poi_categories
python loaddata buildings

Configure your settings

cp settings/ settings/
nano settings/

Start indrz server locally with Django built in server

workon indrz
python runserver

Test if it is running

lynx http://localhost:8000/api/v1/ 

Building blocks Libraries we use

Supported and built by:

Contact: Michael Diener


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