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inducer committed Dec 6, 2013
2 parents 92b3ca9 + 0c430cf commit 01345f68c78f9d3869a75c95028f5ce5b55e0643
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@@ -14,8 +14,12 @@
# "setting_name": (foreground_color, background_color),
-# See this URL to see what keys there are:
+# See pudb/
+# ( to see what keys
+# there are.
+# Note, be sure to test your theme in both curses and raw mode (see the bottom
+# of the preferences window). Curses mode will be used with screen or tmux.
"source": (add_setting("black", "underline"), "dark green"),
@@ -603,7 +603,7 @@ def clear_cmdline_history(btn):
("fixed", 10, AttrMap(
urwid.Button("Clear", clear_cmdline_history),
- "button", "focused button"))
+ "command line clear button", "command line focused button"))
self.cmdline_pile = urwid.Pile([
@@ -12,143 +12,141 @@ def add_setting(color, setting):
def add_setting(color, setting):
return color
- palette = [
- # {{{ ui
+ palette_dict = { # {{{ ui
- ("header", "black", "light gray", "standout"),
+ "header": ("black", "light gray", "standout"),
- ("selectable", "black", "dark cyan"),
- ("focused selectable", "black", "dark green"),
+ "selectable": ("black", "dark cyan"),
+ "focused selectable": ("black", "dark green"),
- ("button", add_setting("white", "bold"), "dark blue"),
- ("focused button", "light cyan", "black"),
+ "button": (add_setting("white", "bold"), "dark blue"),
+ "focused button": ("light cyan", "black"),
- ("dialog title", add_setting("white", "bold"), "dark cyan"),
+ "dialog title": (add_setting("white", "bold"), "dark cyan"),
- ("background", "black", "light gray"),
- ("hotkey", add_setting("black", "underline"), "light gray", "underline"),
- ("focused sidebar", add_setting("yellow", "bold"), "light gray", "standout"),
+ "background": ("black", "light gray"),
+ "hotkey": (add_setting("black", "underline"), "light gray", "underline"),
+ "focused sidebar": (add_setting("yellow", "bold"), "light gray", "standout"),
- ("warning", add_setting("white", "bold"), "dark red", "standout"),
+ "warning": (add_setting("white", "bold"), "dark red", "standout"),
- ("label", "black", "light gray"),
- ("value", add_setting("yellow", "bold"), "dark blue"),
- ("fixed value", "light gray", "dark blue"),
- ("group head", add_setting("dark blue", "bold"), "light gray"),
+ "label": ("black", "light gray"),
+ "value": (add_setting("yellow", "bold"), "dark blue"),
+ "fixed value": ("light gray", "dark blue"),
+ "group head": (add_setting("dark blue", "bold"), "light gray"),
- ("search box", "black", "dark cyan"),
- ("search not found", "white", "dark red"),
+ "search box": ("black", "dark cyan"),
+ "search not found": ("white", "dark red"),
# }}}
# {{{ shell
- ("command line edit", add_setting("yellow", "bold"), "dark blue"),
- ("command line prompt", add_setting("white", "bold"), "dark blue"),
+ "command line edit": (add_setting("yellow", "bold"), "dark blue"),
+ "command line prompt": (add_setting("white", "bold"), "dark blue"),
- ("command line output", "light cyan", "dark blue"),
- ("command line input", add_setting("light cyan", "bold"), "dark blue"),
- ("command line error", add_setting("light red", "bold"), "dark blue"),
+ "command line output": ("light cyan", "dark blue"),
+ "command line input": (add_setting("light cyan", "bold"), "dark blue"),
+ "command line error": (add_setting("light red", "bold"), "dark blue"),
- ("focused command line output", "black", "dark green"),
- ("focused command line input", add_setting("light cyan", "bold"), "dark green"),
- ("focused command line error", "black", "dark green"),
+ "focused command line output": ("black", "dark green"),
+ "focused command line input": (add_setting("light cyan", "bold"), "dark green"),
+ "focused command line error": ("black", "dark green"),
+ "command line clear button": (add_setting("white", "bold"), "dark blue"),
+ "command line focused button": ("light cyan", "black"),
# }}}
# {{{ source
- ("breakpoint", "black", "dark cyan"),
- ("focused breakpoint", "black", "dark green"),
- ("current breakpoint", add_setting("white", "bold"), "dark cyan"),
- ("focused current breakpoint",
- add_setting("white", "bold"), "dark green", "bold"),
+ "breakpoint": ("black", "dark cyan"),
+ "focused breakpoint": ("black", "dark green"),
+ "current breakpoint": (add_setting("white", "bold"), "dark cyan"),
+ "focused current breakpoint": (add_setting("white", "bold"), "dark green", "bold"),
- ("source", add_setting("yellow", "bold"), "dark blue"),
- ("focused source", "black", "dark green"),
- ("highlighted source", "black", "dark magenta"),
- ("current source", "black", "dark cyan"),
- ("current focused source", add_setting("white", "bold"), "dark cyan"),
- ("current highlighted source", "white", "dark cyan"),
+ "source": (add_setting("yellow", "bold"), "dark blue"),
+ "focused source": ("black", "dark green"),
+ "highlighted source": ("black", "dark magenta"),
+ "current source": ("black", "dark cyan"),
+ "current focused source": (add_setting("white", "bold"), "dark cyan"),
+ "current highlighted source": ("white", "dark cyan"),
# {{{ highlighting
- ("line number", "light gray", "dark blue"),
- ("keyword", add_setting("white", "bold"), "dark blue"),
- ("name", "light cyan", "dark blue"),
- ("literal", "light magenta, bold", "dark blue"),
+ "line number": ("light gray", "dark blue"),
+ "keyword": (add_setting("white", "bold"), "dark blue"),
+ "name": ("light cyan", "dark blue"),
+ "literal": ("light magenta, bold", "dark blue"),
- ("string", add_setting("light magenta", "bold"), "dark blue"),
- ("doublestring", add_setting("light magenta", "bold"), "dark blue"),
- ("singlestring", add_setting("light magenta", "bold"), "dark blue"),
- ("docstring", add_setting("light magenta", "bold"), "dark blue"),
+ "string": (add_setting("light magenta", "bold"), "dark blue"),
+ "doublestring": (add_setting("light magenta", "bold"), "dark blue"),
+ "singlestring": (add_setting("light magenta", "bold"), "dark blue"),
+ "docstring": (add_setting("light magenta", "bold"), "dark blue"),
- ("punctuation", "light gray", "dark blue"),
- ("comment", "light gray", "dark blue"),
+ "punctuation": ("light gray", "dark blue"),
+ "comment": ("light gray", "dark blue"),
# }}}
# }}}
# {{{ breakpoints
- ("breakpoint marker", "dark red", "dark blue"),
+ "breakpoint marker": ("dark red", "dark blue"),
- ("breakpoint source", add_setting("yellow", "bold"), "dark red"),
- ("breakpoint focused source", "black", "dark red"),
- ("current breakpoint source", "black", "dark red"),
- ("current breakpoint focused source", "white", "dark red"),
+ "breakpoint source": (add_setting("yellow", "bold"), "dark red"),
+ "breakpoint focused source": ("black", "dark red"),
+ "current breakpoint source": ("black", "dark red"),
+ "current breakpoint focused source": ("white", "dark red"),
# }}}
# {{{ variables view
- ("variables", "black", "dark cyan"),
- ("variable separator", "dark cyan", "light gray"),
+ "variables": ("black", "dark cyan"),
+ "variable separator": ("dark cyan", "light gray"),
- ("var label", "dark blue", "dark cyan"),
- ("var value", "black", "dark cyan"),
- ("focused var label", "dark blue", "dark green"),
- ("focused var value", "black", "dark green"),
+ "var label": ("dark blue", "dark cyan"),
+ "var value": ("black", "dark cyan"),
+ "focused var label": ("dark blue", "dark green"),
+ "focused var value": ("black", "dark green"),
- ("highlighted var label", "white", "dark cyan"),
- ("highlighted var value", "black", "dark cyan"),
- ("focused highlighted var label", "white", "dark green"),
- ("focused highlighted var value", "black", "dark green"),
+ "highlighted var label": ("white", "dark cyan"),
+ "highlighted var value": ("black", "dark cyan"),
+ "focused highlighted var label": ("white", "dark green"),
+ "focused highlighted var value": ("black", "dark green"),
- ("return label", "white", "dark blue"),
- ("return value", "black", "dark cyan"),
- ("focused return label", "light gray", "dark blue"),
- ("focused return value", "black", "dark green"),
+ "return label": ("white", "dark blue"),
+ "return value": ("black", "dark cyan"),
+ "focused return label": ("light gray", "dark blue"),
+ "focused return value": ("black", "dark green"),
# }}}
# {{{ stack
- ("stack", "black", "dark cyan"),
+ "stack": ("black", "dark cyan"),
- ("frame name", "black", "dark cyan"),
- ("focused frame name", "black", "dark green"),
- ("frame class", "dark blue", "dark cyan"),
- ("focused frame class", "dark blue", "dark green"),
- ("frame location", "light cyan", "dark cyan"),
- ("focused frame location", "light cyan", "dark green"),
+ "frame name": ("black", "dark cyan"),
+ "focused frame name": ("black", "dark green"),
+ "frame class": ("dark blue", "dark cyan"),
+ "focused frame class": ("dark blue", "dark green"),
+ "frame location": ("light cyan", "dark cyan"),
+ "focused frame location": ("light cyan", "dark green"),
- ("current frame name", add_setting("white", "bold"),
+ "current frame name": (add_setting("white", "bold"),
"dark cyan"),
- ("focused current frame name", add_setting("white", "bold"),
+ "focused current frame name": (add_setting("white", "bold"),
"dark green", "bold"),
- ("current frame class", "dark blue", "dark cyan"),
- ("focused current frame class", "dark blue", "dark green"),
- ("current frame location", "light cyan", "dark cyan"),
- ("focused current frame location", "light cyan", "dark green"),
+ "current frame class": ("dark blue", "dark cyan"),
+ "focused current frame class": ("dark blue", "dark green"),
+ "current frame location": ("light cyan", "dark cyan"),
+ "focused current frame location": ("light cyan", "dark green"),
# }}}
- ]
- palette_dict = dict(
- (entry[0], entry[1:]) for entry in palette)
+ }
if theme == "classic":
@@ -400,6 +398,10 @@ def add_setting(color, setting):
"focused command line input": (add_setting("white", "bold"), "dark green"),
"focused command line error": ("black", "dark green"),
+ "command line clear button": (add_setting("white", "bold"), "default"),
+ "command line focused button": ("black", "light gray"), # White
+ # doesn't work in curses mode
# }}}

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